How many times do you feel a bit dejected when you come across an internal server error or a loading speed error while trying to visit a landing page of a website?

Typos or syntax errors can cause a complete shutdown of your website and affect the overall functioning of the business in some cases.

Therefore, it is essential to keep testing and optimizing your source code files to ensure a lasting user experience of your website.

Since you are providing services and solutions to customers through your website, you must ensure website performance to ensure a cohesive user experience.

Under no circumstances, you would expect to face a complete breakdown of your website that is no longer available to serve customers.

In worst cases, you don’t have any idea about your website’s breakdown, and you come across a Twitter discussion where your customers are talking about the website’s downtime.

A non-responsive website might seem a blank screen that is putting users away, but this single line of error can lead to significant consequences that might be affecting your business.

Consequences When Website Down

Organic Ranking Drops

Whenever users come from organic search engine result pages, and your website is throwing the 404 error, it would not only force them to shift to other sites but the user behavior will impact on your website’s SERP rankings.

Since users could not find anything from your website, it is impacting the browsing experience of search engines. Therefore, your website would no longer be frequently ranking in due time.

Furthermore, the non-responsive website has a higher bounce rate as users would instantly go back because they don’t find anything that they were expecting to see.

Therefore, the shutdown of a website would result in a ridiculously higher bounce rate, which will again impact the search engine ranking of the website. 

A higher bounce rate would make search engines believe that visitors are leaving your website quickly, so you might not be providing them with good content or a reliable user experience.

Negative Brand Image

Users who are visiting your website from direct or third-party resources like social media, search engines are coming with certain expectations. 

If they end up having a dead end and cannot access the content they’re looking for, they will leave with a negative brand image and might not revisit your website.

So, fewer people would show interest in doing business with you. Therefore, a website shutdown is turning your targeted customer away. 

A non-responsive website might make users think that your website is not genuine. So, they would feel reluctant to do business with your company through the website.

Impact of the Sales

That’s right, imagine what would happen if or were no longer working and started showing errors when you got to their pages. 

Their credibility and authenticity will be at stake if their websites’ user experiences are compromised.

Similarly, if your website is not working, your potential customers would not show trust in your brand and might not purchase your products and services. Which means it would lead to fewer sales and profits for your business.

A non-responsive website would no longer be able to entertain visitors who are coming to the landing pages when they are down.

Therefore, your business will lose the golden opportunity of acquiring more customers and converting more visitors through a website.

If you are selling services, then website shutdown can also impact lead generation and customer persuasion.

Moreover, a non-responsive website will negatively impact search engine rankings, so the site cannot have more leads from organic marketing channels as well.

You must bookmark some online website down checkers to instantly check if the website is down.

10 Website Down Checker Tools


As the name goes, will instantly let you check if the website is down in that given moment. You no longer have to do a manual check and verify whether your website is working or not.

Wondering how to check if a website is down using this tool? Go to the homepage, enter the URL of your website inside the search bar, and you are good to go.

Once you type the URL of your website, click on the “Check” button to evaluate whether your site is down.

10 Website Down Checker Tools to See if Your URL is Down 1

Moreover, this tool goes one step forward by letting you know when was the last time a particular website had a downtime.

This will help you analyze the performance of your website while checking the current status. You can verify when was the last time the site was not available to serve customers. also provides data on top websites where statuses are frequently checked. You can quickly know if any leading webpage is not responding in the given moment.


When you enter the URL of your website and you find out it’s not working, I’m sure you would freak out. However, it might happen that the site is not working on your end.

There might be a DNS error, slow internet connection, or the website is actually not working for everyone.

At that time, instead of telling your friend or distributing your colleague to check the website, you need a tool called

10 Website Down Checker Tools to See if Your URL is Down 2

Just enter the URL of your website on this website down checker tool and click on the blue button “or just me?” to confirm whether everyone is not able to access the site.

10 Website Down Checker Tools to See if Your URL is Down 3

As discussed, it might happen that a particular web resource is not working for you only. So, once you check, it will show is it just you or the website is actually not working.

This tool using their in-house server to determine the status of a particular website.

They have already listed a popular website to know whether they are working on your location. This will help you find out their statuses without typing the URL. So, you can save your time into copy+paste or type the URL.


How many times you have to hustle to understand the basic functioning of a website platform? A straightforward platform or CMC can quicken your process of website development like no other.

WordPress is the most popular website management system and has the largest market share of website development.

WordPress can streamline all your website development tasks and resolve all your miseries of writing extended lines of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS codes to implement basic features and a decent layout.

With its meticulous build, WordPress has a predefined structure that can help you create a stunning website to elevate your business.

You must also keep looking for inspiration of attractive websites to get the design ideas and evaluate the performance of their website by checking plugins and themes the particular sites are using.

Isitwp tool to get to know whether a particular website is built with WordPress or not. Along with this, you would also be able to identify the hosting provider of that specific website, period.

You can also check which WordPress themes and plugins are being used by a particular website by checking through this tool.

10 Website Down Checker Tools to See if Your URL is Down 4

This particular tool will help you research your competitors’ websites effectively. Just enter the URL of their website in the search bar of the homepage and click on the “ANALYZE WEBSITE” button, and you are good to go.

10 Website Down Checker Tools to See if Your URL is Down 5

Within seconds, this tool will give you all the details that you wanted to know for a WordPress website.


Free tools have their limitations, so you have to keep switching between those free tools to evaluate different areas of a website, but this can turn out to be a time-waster. 

Site24x7 is an all-in-one premium website down checker and site monitoring tool that can save a lot of time by giving everything you want to know about a website under one roof.

Although it is a paid tool, see the plans below, it never backs down into advanced performance monitoring of a website and provides dynamic alerts to the administrators.

10 Website Down Checker Tools to See if Your URL is Down 6

You get to monitor the web site’s performance, server monitoring, application performance monitoring, synthetic web transaction monitoring, network monitoring, public and cloud server monitoring, application performance monitoring, and real user monitoring under one platform.

You can effectively troubleshoot website errors and debug your code by leveraging website logs and server logs using this tool.

Whenever your server is down, you will be the first to know about it through Site24x7. Along with the server status, you also get data about DNS servers, FTP servers, HTTPS errors, and TLS servers with this software.

You can verify the uptime of your website on 90 different locations using this tool.

You can export website performance data on your local system for an in-depth analysis of your website structure and its credibility to serve users.

You can then share these reports to your developers who can improve the performance to give lasting user experience to website visitors.


Trusted by more than 10,000 brands of the world, this tool can proactively monitor website performance and uptime and help administrators cope with any errors or performance issues that are hindering smoother accessibility of their websites.

Trusted by leading brands like Nike, Pepsi, TMM Technologies, Nokia, and SkyWest, Uptimia is a reliable platform to check the status of your websites.

10 Website Down Checker Tools to See if Your URL is Down 7

Uptimia has established its 171 checkpoints across six continents of the world. So, you can actively monitor the status and performance of your landing pages on almost all geographical locations.

If there are any glitches, the super user-friendly layout of this tool will help you analyze all the errors that you have to cope with to solve the problem.

It comes with four different packages, and each package has variable functions and benefits available to users.

The 171 checkpoints keep checking the websites every 30 seconds. That means you will never miss an alarming situation of your website performance and be notified instantly about it.

With the performance monitoring feature, you can evaluate the uptime of DNS, HTTP, HTTPS, UDP, email, TCP, etc.

You can also check whether the website is loading correctly or not in different hardware environments.


Pingdom is a reliable tool to get instant insights into your website’s status and performance.

It is one of the most renowned tools to evaluate the website’s performance based on a comprehensive list of metrics shown over a user-friendly dashboard of this platform.

Pingdom has placed more than 100 servers across different geographical locations of the world to evaluate the real-time performance of a website.

You can also track the visitors’ activity on your website. You can determine their behavior and anticipate their expectations to optimize your site.

You can also get notified whenever someone fills out a form, signs up, or engages with your content on your website.

Pingdom understands the web-spamming concepts very well. Therefore, they verify whether the status of a website in real-time or not. Pingdom won’t notify the website administrator if the status is created by the false entities.

If you are owning a big-scale website like an eCommerce or a SaaS platform where different segments of the site are assigned to various departments or individuals of your company, then you can assign specific people to get individual alerts of the website through Pingdom.

So, not everyone on the team will get all the notifications of the website’s performance. Only concerned individuals will be notified.

7. has been providing reliable website monitoring solutions for more than 17 years.

They have a customer-centric and highly comprehensive understanding of the buyer’s journey and identify website actions based on the customers’ perspectives. is trusted by leading brands like Toyota, Woorank, Orange, Microsoft, AXA, and thousands of others.

This tool is highly accurate in notifying any activity through its 24×7 alerting system. They have several servers across the globe that continuously check the performance of your websites, so you don’t miss any opportunity of sale or lead generation.

10 Website Down Checker Tools to See if Your URL is Down 8

If a website element is hindering the overall performance of the website, at that time, you need advanced reporting and an alerting system like Internetvista to comprehend this situation and anticipate loopholes for further optimization.

If you are just focusing on checking the status of your website, then you cannot get a comprehensive understanding of the contribution of each element in the overall website performance. 

Therefore, you need a dynamic status analyzer to track specific parts of your website like forms, navigation, landing pages, content views, add to carts, initiated checkouts, etc. This way, you can keep track of all the essential elements of your website effectively.

With the help of Internetvista, you are in the driving seat to track your website comprehensively.


These guys have a unique style of showing how reliable they are in monitoring websites’ performance by showing the number of websites they have monitored so far over the years.

Since 2005, has been providing an excellent platform for website administrators and web developers to evaluate the performance of their websites like eCommerce, blog, company website, or the SaaS platform.

The understands users’ needs and knows the seriousness of checking website performance.

10 Website Down Checker Tools to See if Your URL is Down 9

Therefore, it allows dynamic time frame selection to users who can set after how much time intervals they want to check their website. They can set 1,2,3,5,10,15,30 and 60 minutes to repeatedly check website.

You can also get notified through SMS or email whenever something goes wrong on your website. Almost all the platforms provide email support to inform the website administrator who might not have access to their inboxes all the time. knows this and, therefore, also provides SMS alert support to the website administrators.


Uptime Robot is one of the most robust and portable website performance analyzers out there.

Even though it has its independent platform where you get a navigable layout to determine the performance of your web pages, you also get to integrate this tool with Telegram, Slack, VictorOps, OpsGenie, PageDuty and so on.

10 Website Down Checker Tools to See if Your URL is Down 10

You get premium-level features to form this tool without investing a single penny in the tool. checks the website every 5 minutes. It pings the website headers to return the code, and based on the response, it takes further steps.

If the website is not responding, the tool keeps sending signals in 30 seconds interval. If your site still does not respond, it will throw an alert.

In 2015, the people at Uptimerobot developed a pro plan with more advanced features of website monitoring. However, the free plan also has comprehensive support to evaluate the status and performance of a website.


Pingback is a free website down checker tool out there.

Yes, it is a completely free tool and the owners of claim on the website that the tool will stay free forever.

In a nutshell, you can enter your website details in this tool, and will keep monitoring your landing pages and verify their uptime in a 1-minute interval.

10 Website Down Checker Tools to See if Your URL is Down 11

This tool uses Twitter messages to notify the website administrator whenever the website is down. Still, you can also get notifications in Slack, email, Discord, or other platforms supported by this platform.

They have a beta-testing program where the testers get a chance to test unlimited websites within a 1-minute interval.

So if you are an agency or an administrator of multiple websites with a tight budget, you can leverage Pinbreak’s Beta program to maintain the performance of unlimited websites effectively.


Do let me know how do you find this article and whether you are going to use any of these websites down checker tools to check if the website is down.

I’m curious to know your thoughts, so feel free to drop your views in the comments below.

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