Have you ever struggled to create backlinks that pass high-quality SEO juice to improve SEO ranking, but also generate referral traffic to your website so that you can entertain more relevant website visitors on your landing pages?

If that’s your case, today we have got a solution for you. Today, we are going to discuss video submission websites that allow you to upload MP4 videos to entertain prospects and reach unique people and expand brand exposure.

Through video submission, you can add one more form of content in your digital library and also get more backlinks for your website. 

Other forms of link building activities like a press release, PDF submission, PPT sharing do have their importance and still have the power to get you quality backlinks.

Having said that, diversify in your content portfolio is also important to appear as an authentic brand in your name. 

60+ Video Submission Sites to Promote Your Video 1

With video submission, you have the power to reach more customers and redirect more traffic to your website by smartly leveraging effective the content format.

To do that effectively, let’s understand what video submission is.

What is Video Submission?

Video submission is a practical search engine optimization technique that involves videos to be uploaded on relevant websites and acquiring backlinks out of it.

Through videos, you tell people about the solutions, services, and products that your company is providing through videos.  

Just like a press release or blog post, through video submission, you try to promote your enterprise, tell people about your brand, and encourage them to get in touch with you.

Most importantly, through video submission activity, you try to acquire a relevant backlink from the description or the bio of your author profile.

While explaining prospects through your video, you add a call-to-action to encourage people to take a specific action.

To take your desired action, you mention a relevant URL inside the description or the bio so that users can get started quickly.

60+ Video Submission Sites to Promote Your Video 2

Why are Videos Necessary in 2021?

Videos have a unique storytelling capability to send your message across creatively and comprehensively compared to blogs or social media posts.

Video enables compelling storytelling that creates a visual appeal for your brand.

Unlike other content formats like infographics, images press releases, and website content,  videos can help you explain complex messages creatively without boring people.

Instead of reading long-form articles, a video can help viewers understand the context profoundly, period. 50% of people prefer videos compared to other forms of digital content, says Hubspot.

Because while reading articles, the person has to have single focused attention to read and comprehend what has been written on the page. So, by any chance, if there are any statistics and numbers on the blog, the user might lose interest.

That’s when videos can go a long way because you can explain complicated messages with utmost simplicity. 

Moreover, through videos, you can create the authority of your brand and attract more referral traffic to your landing pages. 

Leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing also rank videos along with web pages in the search engine result pages.  

So, if you are video is invaluable to the topic, the search engines would rank it in SERP for the targeted keywords.

Video is also a preferred form of content because people have been consuming online videos more for some time. 1 billion hours of videos are viewed every day on YouTube.

YouTube is now the second most popular website on the web at the moment. A video-sharing platform becoming the second website in the world shows the credibility of the content.

60+ Video Submission Sites to Promote Your Video 3

As per research on 777 million Facebook posts by Buffer, they have found that videos are responsible for 59% engagement on the platform compared to other formats.  

80% of the top 500 Facebook posts are videos, and that shows that it is the most engaging content format on the social media website.

Video views on Twitter have also gone 220x in the past 12 months.

As per a study, video posts are 20 times more likely to get reshared and acquire engagement on LinkedIn, the best professional social media channel.

Study shows that 96% of prospects preferred to watch an explainer video was, and 75% of those visitors wished to acquire more knowledge about upcoming products and services through videos only.

These statistics show why video marketing is essential, and video submission websites have the power to acquire more leads for a business.

60+ Video Submission Sites to Promote Your Video 4

But what is important to understand is why videos are working. What separates video from other formats of content?

Let’s explore that topic.

How Videos Help in Branding

Through videos, you can achieve specific objectives that could not be achieved through other formats of content. 

Below are the ways how videos can help you in the branding activity.

Explain Products and Services

Through this type of video, you can explain about services and products that you are offering to your company. Explainer videos play a vital role in showcasing the credibility of the product to potential buyers.

Although brochures are still cool to showcase products, the video has the power to pursue and convince people dynamically. 

72% of consumers accepted that they would learn about a product through a video.

Share Customers’ Experiences

A series of videos where customers are explaining their experiences with your company is an excellent form of persuasion and ensuring more conversion through video marketing.

You can use the textual testimonial, but a video with an actual person sharing the experience will have more emotional quotient and generate compelling storytelling for your advertising activities.

60+ Video Submission Sites to Promote Your Video 5

Show Experts Using Your Product

An influencer trying your products and showcasing the usage of it through a video can help your business acquire more customers.

Instead of just quoting the name of the influencer in your material, a video with influencer gives more trust to the audience. 

Educate People

Videos that are made to educating people who are too busy to read long-form blog posts and ebooks.

Informative videos can help them manage their time and get educated effectively.  

In fact, 59% of executives have accepted that they would be more likely to watch a video instead of reading text.

Now, let’s understand what the best video submission sites to share your content are.

Top Video Submission Sites

1. YouTube

YouTube is the most effective platform to share videos and create brand awareness.    

Owned by Google, YouTube videos also rank in the SERP for the relevant queries.

So, if you have written optimized videos and descriptions of your YouTube video, it will get more search engine impressions in SERP.

60+ Video Submission Sites to Promote Your Video 6

Moreover, from the YouTube description, you can also generate referral traffic to your website by redirecting people to know more about your business.

2. Vimeo

Vimeo is an all-in-one video marketing platform that you can leverage for your branding activities.

Vimeo allows you to upload videos and share them with the audience or create private videos that are shared with the only privileged audience.

You can also use Vimeo as a player by embedding Vimeo videos on your website and other online materials. 

3. DailyMotion

DailyMotion attracts 300 million viewers who watch 3.5 billion videos per month across the globe on the platform.

You can upload your video on the website and optimize it for instant brand awareness.    

DailyMotion has got its own search platform where you can find relevant and beautiful videos.

Videos on DailyMotion also appear on search engine result pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

4. Veoh

For more than a decade, the company that developed Veoh is providing a reliable platform video submission site that brands can leverage to get SEO benefits.

After creating and confirming your profile on the platform, you can upload videos on the platform and mention your backlink in the bio or description to get more referral traffic and SEO benefit.

5. Twitch

The aesthetics of twitch.tv is similar to YouTube. But it has a unique way to offer a video sharing platform to brands who can generate brand awareness for their companies.

You can create a Twitch channel and share interactive videos on the platform to educate, entertain, and pursue users around the world.

Twitch is more related to uploading live streams where viewers can chat with each other and get connected socially. 

You can mention your backlink to the website and stream your video live on the platform.

6. Stupid Videos

Launched in the year 2001, Stupid Videos is one of the first video streaming platforms that showcased funny and short videos to the world for the sake of entertainment.

60+ Video Submission Sites to Promote Your Video 7

On the platform, you can create your own channel and start uploading videos.

You can also choose the category of your videos and mention the website URL to acquire a backlink from the website.

7. Metacafe

Metacafe is a video entertainment engine where you can find entertaining videos on any random topic.

This website is the top 3 video site in the United States and enjoys 20 million unique monthly visitors on the platform.

8. DTube

DTube is the first decentralized video streaming platform that provides a seamless platform for video marketers who can also acquire SEO juice for websites.

Although the UI of DTube might look like YouTubes, it’s an ad-free video stream platform that can redirect relevant prospects to your website through the backlinks.

9. BitChute

BitChute practices decentralized distribution of the content shared on the platform and ensures a highly secured platform for content generators.

60+ Video Submission Sites to Promote Your Video 8

It is an uncensored platform where everyone is allowed to share their point of you through videos. 

10. MySpace

Founded in the year 2003, MySpace is one of the early adopters of video format and have been providing top-notch video sharing platforms for everyone.

You can upload your videos along with relevant backlinks to educate, entertain, pursue, and convert viewers. 

Here is the list of Video Submission Sites



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