Social media is fun and sometimes a dank place to be on. Among all the commercial goals, generating more social media followers on respective platforms is one of the most important and challenging goals.

Many times, even though you are engaging with other people’s content and following them on social media, they tend to avoid following you back or showing any interest in getting in touch with you.

There are so many leading social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest that can put you on the map of potential business opportunities. You cannot only attract unique prospects for your social media profile but make them you are lifelong consumers through social media marketing.

While following a user, people tend to expect that the user would follow back, unless that user is a recognized celebrity or a renowned personality of an industry.

FollowForFollow is one of the old-school online marketing techniques to generate social media followers. It is like when you like somebody’s content on social media platforms, you follow them, and they follow you, and that’s both of your social media audiences grow.

The number of followers is not bombast to anyone. A good follower count ensures more organic reach for a post. It also gives you more post impressions, shares, likes, and comments too.

Among all the other platforms mentioned so far, Twitter has been my favorite platform. You might wonder what is so special about Twitter and what makes it my top priority for social media marketing activities.

Let’s have a brief introduction about Twitter, and I’ll explain to you why it is my preferred social media channel out there.

Brief Introduction to Twitter

Twitter is one of the most highly engaged social media platforms. Till Q1 of 2019, the platform was serving 330 million active monthly users.

The way it is built, Twitter is the only platform where common people can communicate and effectively send the message across to celebrities and government authorities. The tweets shared on the platform are taken seriously by the businesses and brands, period.

Twitter is also one of the essential platforms for improving customer services for a brand or business. You can also build a brand for yourself by responding to other users.

As far as the companies are concerned, this microblogging and social media platforms were built by four talented individuals, namely Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams.

On the day of 15th July 2006, this social media website went live for the first time. Initially, people can write whatever they want up to 140 characters in the form of a tweet.

But on November 7, 2017, the restrictions on the character count of the Tweets was increased to 280.

Twitter also allowed users to share videos, GIFs, images, and locations in their Twitter posts. They can also tag other users by writing ‘@’ followed by the handle of the other users’ Twitter account.

Twitter has been a pioneer in making hashtags popular terms across the web. The way Twitter implemented and encouraged the use of hashtags, they are now one of the essential aspects of organic marketing to communicate effectively with just a couple of words.

The company has been spread across 35 different offices across the globe.

On the platform, the engagement metrics are known as likes, comments, or retweets. The popularity of the Twitter post is also dependent on the number of likes and retweets it has got.

There is no denying that Twitter still has a lot of potentials even though few pundits claim that Twitter has reached its peak.

Below are the statistics of Twitter that prove the effectiveness of the platform.

  • The average Twitter user has 707 followers. (Source)
  • Twitter users have been publishing more than 6,000 Tweets each second, which leads to approximately 500 million tweets each day. (Source)
  • More than 65% of companies with more than 100 employees are active on Twitter as a part of their company’s social media marketing strategy.
  • When it comes to Twitter’s impact on customer services, 77% of buyers feel good about a brand if their tweets get a response.
  • 24% of adults in the United States of America use Twitter. (Source)
  • As stated by Twitter itself, 80% of millennial Twitter users are wealthy. (Source)
  • Twitter is also a powerful search engine online, as it serves more than 2 billion search queries daily. (Source)

Thanks to so much engagement on the platform, it becomes necessary for brands and individuals to leverage this platform and be active on it.

There are so many techniques, and social media marketing hacks for Twitter available online that would help you plan your Twitter campaigns and schedule your Tweets to leverage the platform.

The credibility of an account is always measured by the number of followers it has. Because if you know how many people are following a particular account, you can measure the impact of account on other people online.

Moreover, you can also anticipate the approximate post reach of these accounts. Because the more the following the account has, the more accounts they can reach with its tweets. 

For example, an account with 100 followers cannot reach 10,000 accounts unless it posts a viral tweet once in a while. If you get an account that has 100,000+ followers, they can easily reach more than 10,000 accounts with its tweet.

Therefore, improving the follower count of a profile is extremely important in social media. 

However, in the social media journey, you come across a situation where you have followed too many accounts that are not relevant or not publishing interesting content anymore. 

At that time, you would think of unfollowing some of them. If you have several thousand profiles to choose whom to unfollow, it could be extremely time-consuming for you.

Therefore, you need a tool that is reliable and time-saving for you for mass unfollowing. You need to enter the handle of the Twitter account, and it will start unfollowing irrelevant profiles in no time.

Having said that, finding a reliable mass unfollow tool can be risky sometimes because you need to ensure that you are unfollowing the right kind of people. Most importantly, you are giving them the authority to do a specific task on your profile, so those accounts have to be trustworthy.

As per my experience in social media vertical, I have come across several unfollower tools that I am going to share with you today.

I am sure that after reading this article, you will have a list of options of productive tools to mass unfollow Twitter profile instantaneously.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get straight into the list of top Twitter unfollow tools.

7 Twitter Unfollow Tools

1. Hypegrowth

Following too many people on Twitter might make your Twitter feed filled with irrelevant and spamming Tweets. Then, you need to unfollow some people to make it clean and refined.

An excellent way to start cleaning your feed is to unfollow people who are either non-engaging, don’t follow you back, or bots.

But being an entrepreneur, it is time-consuming to verify each profile and unfollow them who are not following back.

7 Twitter Unfollow Tools to Mass Unfollow Twitter Profiles 1

Therefore, you can leverage a tool like Hypergrowth, which is extremely productive for your use.

By default, this tool will unfollow only those profiles which are not following you back. Moreover, you might want to ensure that the tool does not unfollow industry experts and influencers whom you still want to follow in any case.

So, you can white list some profiles, and tools will skip them even though those users don’t follow back.

2. Circleboom

Circleboom is single stop solutions for all your social media management needs as far as Twitter is concerned.

The creators of Circleboom believes that any social media account can go viral and become a massive success for its organization.

However, they firmly believe that a successful social media asset requires the right set of tools because the right tools can provide the right material and information to be able to deliver desired results for social media marketing activities.

7 Twitter Unfollow Tools to Mass Unfollow Twitter Profiles 2

The tool believes that, like any other organism, social media profiles also require to work on themselves before they start generating traffic and engagement online.

Therefore, they have created Circleboom that has great user-interface and capacity to solve users’ problems effectively.

The tool provides everything that you need to nurture your social media feed and connect with like-minded people online to grow your audience through Twitter.

You will get an in-depth analysis of a social media profile and get to know who are renowned profiles and which profiles are bots from your list.

You can also switch on mass unfollow to rapidly unfollow those users who are not following you back. You can create a list of users who have lost focus on Twitter, meaning they are not sharing quality content. You can also list out non-English speakers, and mass unfollows them.

You can also list out less active profiles and unfollow them immediately to make your list trendy and fresh. 

Sometimes, few people are and sharing lots of stuff that make them over-active on the platform. You can also cut your connections with these profiles by mass unfollowing them using this tool.

You can also unlike posts in bulk using this tool. You can delete responses and retweets in seconds using this interactive tool.

This tool will save you a lot of time and resources and let you focus more on generating value while distancing yourself from people who are not active online.

This tool has got four different types of plans serving different kinds of users.

7 Twitter Unfollow Tools to Mass Unfollow Twitter Profiles 3

3. iUnfollow

iUnfollow is the right tool for people who want to make their follower list precise and engaging. To use this tool, you do not need to create an account or subscribe to an email list.

iUnfollow also does not charge any premium membership costs to use its features to unfollow people instantly. 

You need to login on the website and authorizing this tool to access your basic Twitter profile to start unfollowing people.

They have advanced analysis and tracking systems to grow your Twitter follower list and unfollow people who do not belong to your industry or spamming on the platform.

7 Twitter Unfollow Tools to Mass Unfollow Twitter Profiles 4

When you log in to the Twitter profile, iUnfollow will help you identify people who are not following you back. So, you can quickly bifurcate people and unfollow them if you choose to do so.

It will also notify you if you are not following somebody, and still, those people are following you on Twitter. This way, you can identify the loyal followers and follow them in a single click using iUnfollow.

The tool has been trusted by more than 320,000+ users and responsible for doing more than 100M+ unfollows on Twitter.

Some of you who are active on Twitter would know that not all accounts are public, and therefore, you will have to send them follower requests to follow those accounts.

When you are growing your audience on Twitter, you must be sending follower requests to so many people. You might have send follow request enormous protected profiles which are not approved yet.

At that time, you better delete your requests because your requests might not get approved at all. But you cannot find out every private profile and cancel your request manually, and that’s when iUnfollow will provide you with a helping hand.

You can delete all the follow requests in a single go using the tool.

4. Ferra UnFollow

Did you find it overwhelming to log-in to a tool, roaming around a dashboard for analysis and tasks?

Well, to mass unfollow on Twitter, we have got a Google Chrome Extension.

You can quickly unfollow inactive Twitter followers and people who are not following you back using Ferra UnFollow. This way, you can rapidly decrease the profiles you are following online.

Additionally, you would be able to clean your profile and refine your network on Twitter using this Google Chrome extension.

One of the unique things about this tool is it is not a SaaS platform like other tools mentioned in this article. It is a Google Chrome browser’s extension that could help you improve your audience like no other.

This tool will quicken the process of following more people like no other. Since you can clean your profile, you would be able to follow more people and connect with unique users through this tool.

5. Jooicer

Jooicer is focused mainly on managing everything related to your Twitter profile from a single dashboard.

By using this tool, you can have a comprehensive understanding of your audience and explore more content of your niche to share it with the audience.

You can grow a loyal audience using this tool and automate all the manual tasks and save a lot of time for yourself.

7 Twitter Unfollow Tools to Mass Unfollow Twitter Profiles 5

You can find out top profiles that you should follow and establish a connection online. You can also identify people who are non-responsive to your content or who do not follow you back on Twitter.

You will get a list of profiles that you can unfollow within minutes without doing any other manual work. You can automate follow and unfollow tasks and assign them to this tool.

With Jooicer, you will get comprehensive and actionable reports to determine engagement on your Twitter profile and find high-converting campaigns.

Below are the packages that you can buy to use this tool.

7 Twitter Unfollow Tools to Mass Unfollow Twitter Profiles 6

6. Unfollowerstats

Find out more about your Twitter audience effectively using Unfollowerstats.

Using this tool, you can evaluate who is not following you back. You can make a list of those profiles and unfollow them in bulk.

Most of the social media applications, mobile or desktop, notify you when somebody follows you; this application will inform you when somebody does not follow you back or unfollows you.

7 Twitter Unfollow Tools to Mass Unfollow Twitter Profiles 7

Moreover, you also miss the loyal users who are following you even though you are not following them back. This tool will help you identify your audience and respond to them by following or unfollowing them as per your choice.

As part of the analytics provided by the tool, you can leverage graphs, tables, and statistics to study more about your audience.

With the help of a white list and blacklist, you can create a detailed list of users whom you want to respond in a particular kind of way.

7. Tweepi

Engage your Twitter audience by using Tweepi for your social media marketing activities.

This particular tool is trusted by more than 1.5 million users on the internet.

Once you register an account on Tweepi, you get access to a user-friendly dashboard from where you can check all the engagement and analyze your audience effectively.

7 Twitter Unfollow Tools to Mass Unfollow Twitter Profiles 8

Tweepi has been a reliable tool using an artificial intelligence bot that finds your trending tweets and relevant users whom you can follow on the medium.

Tweepi also shows you people who are not following you back on the platform. So, you can instantly unfollow them and make your follower list precise and super relevant.

It will also showcase profiles that you are not following back even though they are following you on Twitter. This way, you would not miss any opportunity to engage with your audience.

The tool has two plans mentioned below. Based on your requirements and objectives, you can choose any one of them.

7 Twitter Unfollow Tools to Mass Unfollow Twitter Profiles 9


Do let me know what your thoughts about the Twitter unfollow tools discussed in this article are.

Feel free to drop your comments if you are planning to use either of these tools or if you have already used either of the tools for your Twitter campaigns.

Drop your comments below to let me know how do you find this article.

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