In the world of Search Engine Optimization, all the webmasters and marketers try to generate more organic traffic to their websites and eventually generate more sales and profits for their businesses.

Compared to other platforms like social media, PPC and email, SEO is a powerful marketing method that can bring users to your website for free; in the former, you will have to be active on respective channels and expect users would click on the link and visit webpages.

However, in SEO, all you have to do is to optimize your website, and the relevant users would land on your web pages while they find a particular piece of information on search engines.

It is the most powerful inbound marketing activity. An excellent tip to it effectively is to increase the referring domains of your website. You can create backlinks on other websites, which are referring domains, that point back to your landing page.

And that is why social bookmarking websites exist.

What is social bookmarking?

It is an activity where you can build backlinks for your website by sharing the URLs of your webpages on social bookmarking sites.

However, there is an enormous number of social bookmarking websites available.

However, not all of them are legitimate and provide valuable results. You need to be wise and thoughtful while utilizing some of them.

High DA social bookmarking websites which we are going to discuss below, if you utilize smartly, cannot only give you backlink but also generate traffic to your landing pages.

Let’s jump right in to free social bookmarking sites list!

Pinterest (DA: 94)

Pinterest is the first choice social bookmarking website for anyone who wants to create an online Buzz and make their unique content go viral online.

Pinterest is one of the most reliable resources for people to research or finds inspiration for social media posts. Thanks to tags and keywords, you can effectively search the platform to find relevant content of a particular niche.

135+ Social Bookmarking Sites to Boost Your Reach in 2021 1

Similarly, you can also use tags and add website URL to your social bookmarking post to be found whenever someone searches relevant content.

Pinterest requires you to publish a relevant image as the pin. You can also cite your backlink, so whenever the user clicks on the image/link, they can redirect themselves to your specific landing page.

If you are niches like fashion, lifestyle or E-Commerce, Pinterest you may get quick results from Pinterest.

Once you register a Pinterest account, the platform will ask you to verify your email address. It can also make the process quicker by using Facebook or Gmail account to login to Pinterest.

Then, you can create and complete your profile by mentioning your bio in a small text and also provide a website URL, if necessary.

After you are done with profile creation, you can start interacting with the content and audiences straightaway. You can also save pins and follow other accounts or share their content.

Although male users on Pinterest have significantly risen for some time, Pinterest usage is dominated by their counterparts as 80% users of the platform are women.

Therefore, if you are working in a woman-dominated niche, where your ideal consumers are women, you are likely to enjoy more success with Pinterest. (DA: 92)

Anyone associated with search engine optimization activities for quite some time would have surely heard about this website. is a renowned social bookmarking website where users can build backlinks by sharing their landing pages on the platform. provides two types of services to people. One is free for individuals, and the second is for businesses that can go for a paid plan to enjoy more perks of the platform.

Along with social bookmarking, also provides content curation and creation at the same time. So users don’t have to be dependent on browser bookmarks, extensions or local Notepad software to save links and content.

135+ Social Bookmarking Sites to Boost Your Reach in 2021 2

They can curate and share on account and build their own content library, which is full of resourceful web pages.

To start social bookmarking activity for your website, you have to create an account on this platform.

Leading brands like IBM, Renault Nissan, Vengresso and tons of others trust for the platform’s robustness and quality. it also provides a feature where you can you curate third-party articles and share them on customized web pages. You can also distribute the content on social media channels using this platform.

With the help of this social bookmarking website, you would also be able to publish curated content on your personal blog and share it with your audience.

Hence, has got your back to targeted specific audience by automating online publishing activity of your brand.

It can dramatically improve your content management efficiency by letting you create, engage and distribute content across multiple channels. Not to forget, you also get an excellent backlink from a relevant website in return.

Reddit (DA: 90)

According to SimilarWeb, Reddit is the 17th most popular website on the planet overall. And in its niche, read it is in the top 5 accessible sites.

Founded in the year 2005, this website has come a long way and provided an excellent platform to users to

  1. Share their views
  2. Network with each other
  3. Create insanely valuable content sources for the world

It is also a social bookmarking website where you can share the URL of your website and build backlinks.

You can find valuable content and discussions only indeed, any topic. Just how to search your targeted keywords on Reddit to know the subreddit and threads.

135+ Social Bookmarking Sites to Boost Your Reach in 2021 3

If you can find a discussion where your content can add value to the discussion, you can share the URL and engage with other Reditters.

Users can upvote, comment, downvote content shared on the platform.

Also, remember that search engines like Google and Bing crawl relevant Reddit threads and rank in search engine result pages.

So if you are showing valuable content, there are chances that it might get ranked in Google and engage your prospects.

Mix (DA: 82)

Previously known as StumbleUpon, Mix provides a valuable platform for your website to create backlinks through social bookmarking.

Even if you are a newbie in SEO, Mix intuitive and self-explanatory layout will make your process of share your web pages easy.

First, you need to create an account and to do that, you can use your Facebook, Google or Twitter credentials to register yourself on this website instantly. Then, you can choose your favourite topics that interest you.

When she choose your favorite topics, you will be given a curated grid list of the famous article of each category.

Mix also allows you to curate content on its platform and educate the audience through your Mix content library.

To add your own web URL to this bookmarking website, you can go to the top right corner of the window and click on the ‘+’ icon.

135+ Social Bookmarking Sites to Boost Your Reach in 2021 4

Then, you will get a popup where you can paste your website URL and simply post it.

The robust structure of Mix will capture all the data and paste the URL on the website. It will also fetch featured image of the page and showcase it on your social bookmarking.

You can also write your own bio for your mix profile to showcase your brand image to the audience.

Furthermore, you can follow a specific account on Mix to read their posts and interact with them. You can also grow your following by sharing valuable content on the website.

Slashdot (DA: 91)

Slashdot is one of the renowned social bookmarking websites on the internet that people can leverage to create quality backlinks for their website.

To start bookmarking your own web resources, you will need a registered account on this website. You can also provide your contact details like in mail, phone number and other information like designation, company name to create a versatile profile for yourself.

Once you register your profile, you have to verify and reset your password through the verification link sent to your email address. 

Then, you can utilize the platform and submit your URL as a social bookmark. To do that you have to click on the Submit button to get redirected to another webpage.

135+ Social Bookmarking Sites to Boost Your Reach in 2021 5

You can write the title and description of your web page along with mentioning the URL of it. You can share your link anonymously or with your name.

135+ Social Bookmarking Sites to Boost Your Reach in 2021 6

Created in the year 1997, is one of the leading social media bookmarking websites out there, and anyone who is in the space of Search Engine Optimization must have heard about this website.

Here is the complete list of all social bookmarketing sites.


Here are the social bookmarking sites footprints.

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intext:"next" "Store, share and tag your favourite links" 
intext:"Previous" "Store, share and tag your favourite links" 
intext:"register" "Store, share and tag your favourite links" 
intext:"Sort by:" "Store, share and tag your favourite links" 
intext:about "Store, share and tag your favourite links" about 

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"Store, share and tag your favourite links"


Social bookmarking websites can improve your number of quality referring domains and transfer link juice that can enhance your website’s domain authority.

Furthermore, social bookmarking websites can not only help create backlinks but bring relevant users to your site.

Do let us know what you think about the social bookmarking websites discussed in this article. If you are using any of these websites to build backlinks for the site, share your experience in the comments to help other readers.

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