How many times have you read a headline and instantly felt connected with its message? That headline made you curious to know that a particular topic is discussed in the content that followed that headline.  

The reason why you feel that way is the way it’s written and explained. This is the power of content that can help a brand reach to more customers and pursue prospects for better business opportunities.

B2B blogging is the most popular online marketing activity. You can share a blog post on your own website or contribute an article on high-quality websites to show the authority of your brand.

However, blogging has its limitations and can’t enable proactive persuasion like press releases.  Therefore, we will have a press release that is similar to a blog post, but you can promote your services and products more aggressively in this form of content.

35+ Press Release Submission Sites to Promote Your Business 1

What is a Press Release?

Press releases generate backlinks, which is one of the core objectives to write press releases. However, there are a lot more benefits that you can acquire if you can leverage the content format effectively.

Let’s discuss the benefits of press release submission below.

Importance of Press Release Submission

With the help of press releases, you can introduce or mention your services and products to the audience.

You can educate people by discussing upcoming services and products that your company is coming with. So, in the end, you are creating an online buzz and getting brand awareness for the new range of services.

The press release is a useful tool to improve the sales potential of your company since you can write a slightly proactive persuasive language in the content. 

35+ Press Release Submission Sites to Promote Your Business 2

Therefore, you also get a chance to interact with your prospects and encourage them to redirect to your website and have a look at your services pages.

You can showcase your business or yourself as in industry expert and can be studied that why you should be trusted about that particular subject matter.

You can make people believe that your company and its new services are the most reliable solution in the industry. 

Now that doesn’t mean that you go overboard and reprimand others in the market and can get away with it.  

You have to keep in mind certain things about writing a press release to get the maximum benefit from it.

Below are the things that you can consider before writing a press release.

Things to consider for a Good Press Release 

1. Trustworthy

Trust is the most critical factor in this digital world. In the press release, anyone can claim that they or the company are the only leading organization in the world there that provide certain types of services or products that no one else can provide.

But what separates a proper press release from the rest is the way it builds trust in readers.

35+ Press Release Submission Sites to Promote Your Business 3

Therefore, while writing the press release, make sure that you are adding social proof to show the readers that you are a reliable brand that they can trust.

You can add testimonials, screenshots, statistics of the achievements of your company to make people believe that they can trust you.

2. Formal Writing

Unlike most social media posts and blogs, press releases take a different approach to the style of writing.

A press release requires a formal and serious tone. You must use sophisticated language based on your targeted consumer.

It is not a blog or a web page content where you can use casual language. We have to keep in mind that your press release readers are like warm leads who are more likely to take action after reading.

3. Add Media

If you just include text, then your content might not be able to grab users’ attention for a longer time.

Since press releases will have statistics and numbers to back your claims, you need to make sure that the overall content does not appear boring to the targeted audience.

35+ Press Release Submission Sites to Promote Your Business 4

An excellent way to make it engaging is to adding multimedia content whenever possible.   

You can embed a YouTube video or upload a relevant image that can adequately convey the intended message of the points discussed in the press release.

4. No Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the most basic mistake that digital marketers do for the sake of getting so-called SEO benefits from the press releases.

The idea behind making press release submission is to generate more search engine visibility but also take care of the user experience.

Keyword stuffing makes your press release content vague, redundant, and less credible. 

Moreover, the search engines will also consider keyword-stuffed press releases as spam and penalize your website’s rankings.

Now, let’s know which are the best websites where you can share your press releases.

Press Release Submission Sites

1. PR Urgent

PR Urgent is one of the widely known press release submission websites out there. It is providing a platform for marketers for more than 13 years.

The website claims that it can rank your pressure release on leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN dozens of others.

35+ Press Release Submission Sites to Promote Your Business 5

It is a free platform, but if you want to take your press release submission activities to the next level,  you can go with Express Press Release, which will cost you around $9. Your press release will be approved in 24 hours, thanks to those nine bucks.

2. PRLog

PRLog provides free press release submissions to anyone who has something to share with the audience.

All you need to do is create an account and submit to the press release on the platform, and it will be approved for free.

3. openPR

openPR is a proactive press release submission website where you can share your press release and reach unique prospects through the platform.

After submitting your press release, it will be shown on the homepage of openPR’s for a period of time.

Moreover, the website will make sure your press release reaches more readers by including it in their emailers.

4. prMac

prMac is an Apple-only press release distribution website that focuses only on Apple products.

It is a perfect website for your application or iOS development services to be promoted and reached to interested users effectively.

35+ Press Release Submission Sites to Promote Your Business 6

prMac provides a template to create a press release along with other user-friendly instructions that can help you develop a persuasive press release that generates more referral traffic to your website.

5. PressReleasePoint

Press Release Point started in the year 2007 and has been a great source of sharing reliable press releases on any given topic.

Organizations can convey their commercial communications through press releases by sharing them on the platform. 

The website provides paid and free services that publishers can choose.  

Of course, the paid option will give you a better opportunity for effective press release submission.

6. EzineArticles

Ezine Articles is an engaging platform to submit your press releases and get more referral traffic to your website.

The website has around 500,000 expert authors who could provide the reliable and best information on different topics.

The website claims that they have an appropriation battery management solution that manages all the articles and press releases shared on the site. The platform is capable of reach to millions of people quickly so you could promote your services effectively.

7. BusinessWire

Founded in 1961, Business Wire is the ideal press release distribution website that publishers can use to reach potential buyers.

Owned by Berkshire Hathaway, Business Wire is a trusted source of organization, journalist, bloggers, and industry experts.

The company has more than 80 newsrooms worldwide to meet the requirement and provide lasting user experience to the readers.

8. prsync

You will need to have an account on prsync to share press releases on the platform.  

It is a free website, so you don’t have to pay anything to create an account.

Moreover, prsync shows good press releases on their home page. They determine the quality of a press release by the amount of engagement and clicks it has got on the website.

So, if you can write a press release that provides value, it might get ranked on the homepage of prsync, and you will get considerably more referral traffic and brand exposure.

9. freePRnow

This particular PR submission website does not have a free plan.

You will have to choose either of their plans to submit your press releases on the platform.

Although you are forced to sign up for a recurring payable amount, it is worth every penny if you have budget and requirement. 

10. prfire

The prfire has two versions of services that you can leverage to share your press releases to the audience.

One plan is free, and so don’t have to pay anything to share your press releases on the platform.

Another one will charge £50, and handles the entire PR submission and management. 

11. The Open Press

The Open Press takes a sophisticated approach to share press releases of brands and enterprises.

They have considerably stricter rules to approve press releases submitted. The website only allows professionally written press releases on the platform. 

They have said on their website that they reject 30% of the press releases submitted on the site.

Since they are only focused on quality, if you can get your press releases approved on the platform, you will get better brand recognition out of it. 

Here is the list of Press Release Submission sites



Kindly share your thoughts in the comments below will about press release submission websites and press release activity when it comes to SEO. I’d also love to know your feedback about this blog in the comments below.

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