Search engines are fascinating because they not only provide relevant results but also provide different formats of content so that users can pick the best one and get maximum value. Just enter the search query and reach millions of relevant web resources in seconds. 

You get images, videos, PDF files, and last but not least, a website landing page that you can visit and acquire information.

Have you ever come across a search result that redirected you to a PDF file?  It ranks with traditional web search results like pages, videos, etc. But instead of you get redirected to an HTML-based web page, you get to land on a PDF file.

The reason why you came across a PDF file is that it is a relevant source to learn something about the subject matter. The owner of the file has optimized the file through PDF submission.

PDF submission is an SEO activity that you can do through PDF submission websites.

Before we explore what the top PDF submission websites that you can try are, let’s dive deep into what is a PDF submission procedure in the first place.

What is PDF Submission?

PDF submission is a content marketing activity with the sole purpose of creating backlinks to your website for improving ranking and generating more referral traffic.

Through PDF submission activity, you can promote your website on different web resources main by contributing PDF files on their platforms.

It is a productive off-page SEO activity that will elevate your content marketing game to a whole new level. 

35+ High Authority PDF Submission Sites to Get More Visibility 1

While making PDF submission for your search engine optimization activity, you need to ensure that you are covering all the aspects of effective PDF submission to get maximum backlink juice to your website.

You try to create a reputation for your company by contributing a PDF file that adds value to readers.

You need to write the optimized title, description, and headers to get maximum impression and engagement for your PDF file on the platform. 

Just like when you publish a web page, you write meta title, description, and mention keywords to acquire more search engine ranking. Similarly, you did the same thing and mentioned details about your PDF files while submitting them on platforms.

Does PDF Submission work for SEO?

In the initial years of search engine optimization, PDF submission was considered as one of the most sophisticated ways to create backlinks and enjoy higher search engine rankings on the SERP.

However, there is also a particular group of people who used to spam fake PDF files and create spammy backlinks to quickly get more search engine rankings for their websites.

35+ High Authority PDF Submission Sites to Get More Visibility 2

Now, search engine algorithms have evolved to a whole new level and have a granular approach to decide which website to rank in the search engine result page.

Therefore, experts believe that PDF submission does no longer works as effectively as it used to. But we have a different thought process about the scenario. 

By submitting your PDF on the PDF submission websites, now you have to pay keen attention to the type of content you are sharing and the value you are providing to the end-user through the PDF.

Before they hit the publish button and share PDF with the audience of the website, they also have to ensure that they have covered all the on-page parameters for their PDF to acquire maximum impressions on their website.

PDF submission is also crucial to converting long-form blog posts into a readable PDF file so that interested people can access the information of articles through the PDF file at their convenience.

Since the average length of a good blog post is increasing, interested people don’t have enough time to read the entire blog post and apply the insights shared in the content.

Therefore, an accessible PDF provides a great user experience and comfortable reading experience to interested people.  

You need to make sure that your PDF has everything to grab the attention of your prospects and convert them as the lifelong consumer of your content.

Let’s discuss how to create PDF files that generate results. 

How to Create a PDF?

  • Get a Software 

It is a straightforward solution for anyone who wants to create a PDF and submit it for search engine optimization activity.

There are several reliable computer software that you can use to create PDF. Once you install the software in the system, you just need to open it just like any other program and click on create PDF option to start developing the file for yourself.

You might have the Adobe Acrobat Reader pre-installed in your system, try to find it because it is one of the best PDF creation software in the market. 

You can also try PDFCreator and pdfFactory Pro are also good alternatives to try.

  • Try Online Tools

Thanks to the evolution of the internet, there are so many helpful tools available that can convert your files into PDF directly from the web.

Whether you have images, documents, sheets, or a notepad file, upload any of them on these tools that will convert it as PDF, which you can download in your local system.

Most of these tools are free to use and don’t require you to register an account to use the features.

FreePDFConverter, Smallpdf, Online 2 PDF, and toPDF are significant options that you can try.

35+ High Authority PDF Submission Sites to Get More Visibility 3
  • Use Microsoft Word 

Microsoft Word also allows you to create PDF files from the word files.

If you have Microsoft Office 2013 or a newer version,  then you can simply choose the file type as PDF while saving the document in your system.

For older versions, you can click on the print option, then click on PDF option and select save as PDF to save the file as PDF in your local system.

Now comes an important part, what are some excellent PDF submission sites. 

PDF Submission Sites


SlideShare is a platform where you can upload your presentations and show them to the world. This website is owned by the largest professional social media network, LinkedIn.

To use this platform and share your PDF, you need an account, or you can log in through your LinkedIn credentials.

35+ High Authority PDF Submission Sites to Get More Visibility 4

Then, you can upload your PDFs, which will be converted into a presentation. You can also mention relevant backlinks inside the PDF so that the user can click on them to get to know more about the context.

You can also mention a backlink to the website inside the author profile of Slideshare.


Issuu manages to get more than 1 billion page views per month and has more than 50 million publications on its platform. 

This digital publishing platform is trusted by more than 2.5 billion brands. 

35+ High Authority PDF Submission Sites to Get More Visibility 5

To share your PDF with relevant backlinks on the website, you just need to sign up and complete your profile. 

You can upload brochures, case studies, sales pitches in the form of PDF on the platform to target your prospects. 

3. authorSTREAM

authorSTREAM is a platform that shares multimedia files online.

You can share videos, MP3, documents, PDF, and PowerPoint presentations with the world without any hindrance.

35+ High Authority PDF Submission Sites to Get More Visibility 6

For PDF submission, authorSTREAM is an ideal solution to generate backlinks from the activity. You just need to have an account on the website.

Once you upload your presentations, you will get a dedicated URL that you can embed in your blog and videos, and also repurpose the PDF with the link for your other advertising activities.


The tagline of this website says ‘PowerPoint Search Engine’ where you can find PowerPoint presentations on any random topic by searching the database of the website.

To make your PDF content available is a presentation, you need to create an account on the website and start uploading your documents.

35+ High Authority PDF Submission Sites to Get More Visibility 7

The idea behind running this website is to provide attractive presentation templates and recognition to industry experts by accessing their presentations from a single source.

5. Slideserve

Slideserve claims to have more than 420,000 members across the globe and supports more than 4 leading languages of the world. Slideserve has also hosted more than 30 million content shared by 1.2 million users of the website.

35+ High Authority PDF Submission Sites to Get More Visibility 8

By uploading your PDF files on the platform, you can add value to thousands of people and also let them know about your expertise, products, and services. 

Through this website, you can advertise your content effectively and generate relevant backlinks to your site.

6. Powershow

Powershow is an online tool where you can dynamically share PowerPoint presentations and PDF files along with embedded videos, audios, and multimedia content to reach and entertain thousands of viewers of the website.

35+ High Authority PDF Submission Sites to Get More Visibility 9

You can sign up on the platform and create a profile where you can also mention your website URL to acquire quality backlink juice.

You are also allowed to add audio as the background so that users can get maximum engagement while reading your content.

7. Speaker Deck

Speaker Deck is a reliable online resource that can help you share your content interactively with the audience.

35+ High Authority PDF Submission Sites to Get More Visibility 10

You just need to upload your PDF and video files on the website, and it would convert it into an attractive form of content to showcase it to thousands of people.

So, you can convert your large PDF files into attractive presentations and promote them. 

Here are the PDF Submission sites



Let me know what your thoughts about these PDF submission websites are.  All of these websites have the power to put your company in the driving seat and get more digital brand awareness.

I would love to know what your thoughts are about that idea and how to do you like this blog post.  So, please share your comments below.

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