They say a picture is wortha thousand words and that is right in all aspects.

Particularly in themarketing and sales industries, it becomes essential that along with ad copy,the creation of the advertisement must also be given equal importance to gainmaximum positive results.

90% of signals sent to a human brain is visual. And that is why wecan comprehend videos and images effectively while surfing the web.

Observe how your attentionnavigates now when you check Facebook feed, and I am sure you would agree thatyou engaged with multimedia content more.

So, for the purpose ofsearch engine optimization purposes, photo sharing sites have great importance.

Along with grabbing users’attention quickly, you can also improve your website’s backlink profile bysharing your photos online on free image sharing sites.

Furthermore, you can also develop a sharp brand image for your business and convert more prospects online.

And, while doing SEO forimages, these image sharing websites help a lot. So, these are valuableresources for a webmaster to improve the SERP position of a website.

To help you get the ballrolling, we have mentioned some of the valuable and best photo sharing sitesthat can improve your website’s SEO.

Imgur (DA:92)

Imgur is the hub of millions of images ofthe internet. People can share the pictures and cite their website link to passthe link juice for SEO benefits.

To use Imgur for generating backlinks through image sharing, registering an account is necessary. Once you do that, you will get a green button at the top-left corner of the screen that would say “New Post”.

40+ Image Sharing Websites for SEO Link Building 2

Just click on that button and you willget a self-explanatory screen that will allow you to upload your media on thewebsite.

You can also drag-and-drop your files instead of doing manual searches to find the files in your local system. Along with images, you can do videos to GIFs and generate memes.

Flickr (DA: 91)

Flickr is a renowned freeimage sharing site out there with high domain authority.

It allows you to upload1,000 high-resolution images without charging anything from you. Along withpictures, it also supports video files and lets you upload and share videofiles to your audience.

Furthermore, if you want toupload more than 1,000 posts, you can go for the Pro account of this platformto keep uploading unlimited images and get unlimited storage of your files.

They also provide otherperks like advanced reporting tools to determine how your post is performing onthe platform.

To upload your content, youjust need to click on the top right corner of the cloud icon and upload yourvideo or image file.

You can also tag otherpeople on your image to show your audience the people who are present in thepicture. You can also add a short description and the URL of the website withthe post.

You can leverage tags toimprove the accessibility of your image on the platform and increaseimpressions.

You can also choose who cansee your images and select privacy settings. This way, you get to decidewhether to keep your pictures to yourself or share it with the world.

Flickr’s securedarchitecture ensures complete privacy and secrecy of your content, so you don’thave to worry about the security of your data.

You can just upload up to1,000 pictures on this platform and build useful backlinks for your website.

Thanks to its high domainauthority and popularity, your images on Flickr would rank higher in image SEOand gather maximum engagement for your brand.

500px (DA: 86)

500px is a Toronto-basedChinese-owned venture that has a web and mobile application to provide a globalplatform for photographers to share their work and get exposure.

It is a photographers’ marketplace that lets people share, purchase and sell photographs. 500px is a secure and genuine website for financial transactions against pictures.

40+ Image Sharing Websites for SEO Link Building 3

Along with the marketplace, 500px alsopasses link juice to a website mentioned in the profile or the post.

After creating your account, you canprovide all the details along with the website URL for showcasing them in yourbio.

This way, people who are coming to seeyour photo can interact further with your website if they are interested inknowing more.

ImageShack (DA:91)

ImageShack is an online platform thatlets you save your pictures in high resolution securely. This is a paidplatform, so you have to go for a subscription to use its features.

It provides an excellent opportunity forpeople to gain a high-quality backlink for free. After you register and verifyyour account on ImageShack, you can edit the bio and mention your website.

40+ Image Sharing Websites for SEO Link Building 4

This way, you can leverage the space ofyour bio and also showcase your website to visitors who can redirect to yoursite to find out more about your venture.

While uploading a picture, the websitealso gives you the option to resize the photo as per your wish, so you don’tneed to do it manually through a photo editor.

Imgbox (DA: 89)

For the past 7 years,Imgbox has been a leading website that stores and shares images of the usersand provides a secured platform to showcase their work to the world.

This website also requires you to register an account first. After verifying the account, you can upload a photo or a video on this website.

40+ Image Sharing Websites for SEO Link Building 5

Imgbox lets you resize yourcontent to fit your needs.

You can mention yourwebsite URL on this platform to enjoy SEO benefits in the form of backlinks.

You can upload yourpictures by creating separate galleries for different sets of pictures tobifurcate them in a group.

Moreover, after uploadingyour photograph, you will get a dedicated URL that you can share publicly, andusers can visit Imgbox and see the image.

DeviantArt (DA: 83)

DevianArt is another image sharingwebsite that provides SEO benefits to brands and their websites.

To start uploading the content, you willneed to register your account on this platform to be able to create backlinksthrough uploading photographs.

Once you register, you will see a“submit” option on the top-right corner of the website. Then, once you click,you have to go Deviation to share the images.

In the screen shown below, you can uploadyour image and write a short description of the same. You can also mention yourwebsite URL in the description to pass the link juice to your website.

40+ Image Sharing Websites for SEO Link Building 6

Don’t start spamming the website by usingthis feature. The URL has to be relevant as per the image; otherwise, userswould have bad user experience through your content.

Shutterfly (DA: 83)

Shutterfly is another marketplace thatartists can leverage to sell their work. Well, it is different than the 500pxand lets a visitor print the image on various platforms.

You have got photo books, cards, stationaries, a flex banner with different sizes, wall art, canvas, pillows, bed sheets, blankets and tons of other choices where you can print your favorite image.

40+ Image Sharing Websites for SEO Link Building 7

It is like a print-on-demand marketplace.Here, artists can share their work with the world and also cite relevantwebsites of them to redirect users to their personal landing page.

Moreover, they can also enjoy SEO linkjuice and improve their search engine ranking presence by leveraging thiswebsite.

WeHeartIt (DA: 77)

WeHearIt is a social media platform thatis driven by user-generated content that people loved and shared.

It is like a, but images aremore prominent. You can write a textual content and share the images with theaudience.

40+ Image Sharing Websites for SEO Link Building 8

Most importantly, you can also citerelevant landing pages inside your content and get the SEO benefit.

For affiliate marketers, bloggers andwebsite owners, this could be another platform where they can share theirimages and also write content based on it.

If people like your content, they will show their appreciation with their hearts. You can also see how many hearts does a post has got on the platform. (DA: 93)

Previously known forTinyPic, Photobucket is one of the well-known image sharing websites thatsearch engine marketers use to get backlinks for their websites.

Photobucket provides animage hosting platform to users where they can share unlimited files on thewebsite and relax. They can utilize their uploaded content by easily embed andshare it on other places like blogs, social media, videos, etc.

40+ Image Sharing Websites for SEO Link Building 9

When you create yourprofile and share images, you would be allowed to cite your website along withyour content to get the link juice and improve the SEO.

Photobucket has a paid membership plan that would have to purchase to upload unlimited content.

Here is the complete list of free photo sharing websites



Sharing your content onlinemust be done intelligently and creatively to target as many people as possibleon respective platforms.

While sharing images andgenerating engagement on each of the platforms discussed above, try to not lookspammy by uploading irrelevant pictures.

Try to be as genuine aspossible to enjoy long term-growth for your online marketing activities throughimage sharing activities. Do let us know what you think about these imagesharing websites.

If you have experienced any of these websites for your personal use, share your views in the comments.

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