How many of you have Monday blues as the weekendpasses and the new week starts? Monday blues are a familiar feeling amongworking individuals these days. 

People don’t feel like going to offices fullyenergized on Mondays or give their best work to the organizations they areworking for.

In this era of the internet, another stream ofemployment is emerging and becoming prominent these days. 

Now, anyone can work from home and do their jobsonline and build businesses from online earning sites.

You might have read an article or listen topeople saying they are earning online. Screenshots of Google Adsense andShopify are some of the proof that they show to tell people how muchapproximate they are earning.

You have social media, email, search engines,smartphones, and computers; every one with excellent skills can make a fortuneby sitting at home. 

Traditional money-making techniques are no longerthe only way to make a living these days.

As we move forward with this article, I am goingto show you what are the genuine online earning sites to make money online.

Before we dive deep into these resources, allowme to explain to you why working online is better than a 9 to 5 job.

In my experience as a professional digital marketer and entrepreneur, I have come across some observations from the people around me, and I genuinely believe that making money online is a great way to elevate your lifestyle.

Benefits of Working Remotely from Online Earning Sites

1. Commute

In traditional jobs, you will have to commute toan office space to work there.

Commuting to work can be extremely stressful andtakes a lot of time, depending on the distance between your home and theoffice.

When you work online, a web browser, a smartphone,and a computer system is your office. 

When it comes to the internet, there is nophysical location that you have to visit to start working. You can work fromanywhere you like, even from your home, if you are comfortable.

Therefore, the expenses and time invested incommuting would be a lot less for you if you are making money online.

2. Satisfaction

Our professional life has a significant impact on our overall being. Your feelings while doing any work is also going to extend and impact on other areas of your life as well.

While making money online, you’d be doing stuffthat you actually like. It could be creating YouTube videos on birding, have ablog on cooking, or generate leads for other businesses.

While on the fabulous job, you have to become apart of a pre-established system and make changes in yourself to be able to fitthe existing structure to earn the fixed money.

There are some guidelines of the organizationthat you might not agree with, but you still are forced to adjust, which mayresult in mental stress and dissatisfaction.

In a simple calculation, in the 24 hours per day,one-third of it, means 8 hours, is invested in the work we do.

While working online and making a living out ofit is based upon the things you are passionate about, and you genuinely believein it. 

Therefore, you would really love and enjoy yourwork. The kind of satisfaction that you will have is much higher than anyhigh-paying traditional job.

3. Be Your Own Boss

While making money online, you can be your ownboss. It is like a Lone Ranger thing where you don’t have to report to anyoneor assist anybody to do the task.

You can design your lifestyle and plan your workschedule as per your wish, and nobody would be there to command you or ask fora follow up of the work done.

4. Earn Crazy Money

This is the most critical part of why makingmoney online is great instead of doing the traditional 9-to-5 job.

There is no upper limit on how much you can earnonline. You can literally make millions of dollars if you have what it takes.

If you have enough skill sets and have a plan,you can make a fortune online. Dozens of case studies and success storiesavailable online that show that making millions of dollars within a span ofhere for people can be a lot easier than doing 9 to 5 jobs.

The wages that you get every month fromtraditional jobs can be made for a day if you have water takes to make moneyonline.

5. Time-Saving

Since you don’t have to go to any office to workon a daily basis, you would not only save money in commuting but also saving alot of time into getting ready, boarding a train, or parking a car which wouldotherwise cost a lot of time.

This time can be invested in doing physicalactivities and brainstorming future potential business opportunities online.

This time-saving tip can help you get bettersleep and get into better shape, look after your loved ones by spending moretime with them.

In the traditional job, sometimes to reach adestination can be extremely tiresome and stressful due to heavy traffic andcrowded workspace, which is not the case when you are making money online.

6. Money-Saving

People who are working from home and making moneyonline can save a lot of money. 

The cost of managing and maintaining a wardrobeis significantly reduced. Moreover, there would be fewer expenses on fuel,fuel, works, parking fees, etc.

7. Happier Work-Life Balance

With traditional jobs, you are given so manyresponsibilities that you have to fulfill to keep your position at theorganization. Therefore, you might have to work overtime or take work home fromthe office to meet the deadlines.

Here, you are forced to work more whicheventually costs you more time and energy which you could have spent with yourloved ones at home.

In the online working scenario, you are your ownboss so you can create your schedule as per your convenience. 

You can decide when you want to work and when youwant to do any other activity. 

Since you are the decision-maker, you canredesign your life and achieve a better work-life balance by looking after yourhealth and spending time with your loved ones when you feel so.

8. Environmental Benefits

This is one of the most undermined benefits ofworking remotely and making money online from home. Since you no longer need tovisit a place to work on a daily basis, your fuel consumption would bedecreased, which would help in reducing air pollution in the environment.

There are millions of people each morning thatcommute using personal or public transport to go to their offices or visitclients. 

When you are making money online, you don’t needto commute anywhere, so there won’t be traffic, noise pollution on roads, andair pollution on the environment.

10 Genuine Sites For Earning

Here are the best sites to start your online business.

#1. DigitalMarket

Top 15 Website To Make Money Online By Doing Micro Jobs in 2020 12

DigitalMarket is our #1 pick. At this platform, you can sell various services like design, digital marketing, ebook, content writing, Facebook ads, Analytics, and almost anything which you can do in digital marketing space.

If you are going to use this platform from the buyer’s perspective, this gives you freedom to pick the sellers from various categories.

Top 15 Website To Make Money Online By Doing Micro Jobs in 2020 13

If there is any service that you liked the most and want to order it again and again, simply add that service in your wishlist and you are good to go.

Click here to create FREE account at DigitalMarket

#2. Amazon

Amazon is one of the leading eCommerce websiteson the planet at the moment. They have the biggest collection of products thatone can purchase online.

Thanks to the introduction of the Amazon Selleraccount, any local vendor can now sell the products using the platform ofAmazon.

You just need to create the selleraccount and upload theirproducts, and they are good to go. 

10 Genuine Online Earning Sites to Make Money in India 2

88% of consumers agree that they would more likely to buy a product ifthey find it on Amazon.

It is like a search engine for shopping wherepeople look for reviews and options for a product before they make a purchasingdecision.

So if you are a local vendor who is sellingproducts and establish the market locally, Amazon can help you target scaleyour business to Global consumers.

Amazon takes all the burden of delivering yourproducts to different geographical locations.

You don’t have to go anywhere else to advertiseyour product and teach them to potential buyers. 

Amazon also has an advertising platform where youcan promote your products on a keyword basis and being charged for thecost-per-click payment method.

As soon as the order is placed, the Amazonexecutive will come to your warehouse to collect the product to ship it to thecustomer.

Therefore, you also don’t have to worry about thecourier and logistics department in this online business.

#3. YouTube

YouTube is the best video-streaming social mediaplatform with 1.9 billion users worldwide.

In this era of digitalization, videos can giveyou a leading edge of storytelling to communicate with the audience and conveyyour messages effectively using a video.

All you have to do is pick a niche that you arepassionate about and create excellent video content around it. You can createyour own YouTube channel, just like a television channel but online, andpublish great YouTube videos.

If your videos are getting good engagement, youcan get thousands or millions of followers. You can also sign up for theYouTube partner program and run the ads to monetize your channel.

YouTubers also get deals and businessopportunities as an influencer of a particular industry and promote products ontheir videos.

#4. Upwork

Upwork is one of the renowned marketplaces wherefreelancers and employers can connect with each other.

Freelancers can get reliable and high paying gigsfor their skills.

So, people who are skilled developers, analysts,planners, designers, writers, or marketers can create their freelancer profileon Upwork where they can get projects.

It is a great platform to start a side-hustle andearn more money online because, among other freelance platforms, Upwork hasbig-sized projects with big budgets so you can make significantly higherreturns from this platform.

Once you start working on projects from Upwork,you can gather more reviews and ratings, which will make your profile strong toget more projects. You can take hourly charges for the services that you areproviding. 

On the platform, you can mention your credibilitycertifications and educational background to let employers know about yourskillset and determine your authenticity to do the job.

#5. Zirtual

Entrepreneurs, team leads, and managers have ahard time managing their schedules and deadlines. 

Today, these people are finding reliableresources that can assist them in their day to day work and streamline theirtasks effectively.

If you want to create a monthly schedule, socialmedia calendar, invoicing, attendance sheets, data entry, or do any othermanual office work, and you can hire a virtual assistant from Zirtual.

10 Genuine Online Earning Sites to Make Money in India 3

Zirtual will help managers and entrepreneurs hireskilled virtual assistants who can ease the burden and do the monotonous tasksefficiently so that entrepreneurs can focus on more important tasks and managetheir time efficiently.

#6. Swagbucks

While watching YouTube videos and browsing Amazononline, have you ever wondered what you could get paid by doing all theseactivities?

Well, thanks to Swagbucks, you can get rewardedby browsing exciting stuff online like watching videos, browsing eCommercewebsites, and participating in an online survey. Swagbucks claims that they areproviding 7000 coupons for free on their website.

Swagbucks gives gift cards to people who completetasks. You need to register your profile, and you will get daily tasks likesurfing, watching videos, browse the web. You will earn points for each ofthese activities that you do daily.

10 Genuine Online Earning Sites to Make Money in India 4

Once you start collecting points, you can redeemthem in the form of gift cards of Amazon, Freecharge, or PayPal.

This is an exciting way to monetize dailyactivities and earn money from it.

So, in your free time, you have a chance to getpaid for the activities that you love doing.

#7. ThredUp

What do you do to your wardrobe whenever you puton some weight, or reduces some weight, got taller, or do not like your clothesanymore?

I am sure that you would be sending those clothesto your siblings or younger brothers who can wear them.

However, now you can earn money by sellingsecond-hand clothes on ThreadUp. It is a platform where you can list your usedclothes and accessories online at a specific price, and the interested peoplewould visit your listing and purchase if they find them useful.

10 Genuine Online Earning Sites to Make Money in India 5

It might happen that you order something online,and after receiving it, you don’t like it anymore. So, you can sell those stuffonline on ThreadUp and make money quickly.

#8. Etsy

Etsy is one of the most renowned platforms tosell custom shirts online.

It follows a print-on-demand structure where youcan upload a design on the website, and as soon as somebody orders yourt-shirt, it will be printed and sent to them, and you will be given your sharefrom the selling price.

You don’t need any warehouse or a departmentalstore to sell your shirts. You just have to come up with a creative design andhandmade vintage items to be sold to millions of people online.

Etsy provides a powerful store builder tosellers. You can also redirect your users to your dedicated store, where theycan explore more of your stuff.

10 Genuine Online Earning Sites to Make Money in India 6

You can also get advertising credits to promoteyour products on the platform and acquire more customers.

This is like a virtual departmental store of yourproducts which you can manage using a laptop, computer, or mobile applicationanytime and anywhere.

It also provides you with analytics and dashboardto track users’ engagement with your products and customize your futurecampaigns accordingly. You can transfer your earnings through PayPal andtransfer it directly to your bank accounts on this platform.

#9. Shutterstock

Passionate photographers and designers find ithard to monetize their skills and sell their art online. In this era ofdigitalization, visual content always has the upper hand against textualcontent.

So if you are a talented photographer or graphicdesigner, you can edit your pictures and upload them on Shutterstock, where youcan put it for selling.

Shutterstock has a dynamic platform as amarketplace where users can go and purchase stock photographs or vector imagesfor their commercial purposes.

10 Genuine Online Earning Sites to Make Money in India 7

If you are good at post-processing and clickingphotographs, then you can publish your work on this platform so that buyers canvisit your stuff and purchase it from the platform.

You don’t have to worry about copyright issuesbecause Shutterstock is extremely reliable to get the payment from the buyers.So, you can make and some amount of money if you are good at clicking andpost-processing the images.

#10. Airbnb

The business of estate agency is very old, andmany generations have been making millions of dollars by renting, buying, andselling properties and lands.

Thanks to the evolution of technology, we havenow Airbnb, which is a platform where you can list your property that peoplecan purchase or rent for a variable time.

For example, you have a property in Mumbai, andyou are living in Ahmedabad. You can list your Mumbai property on Airbnb sothat people who are traveling to Mumbai can rent your property and have apleasant stay in the city.

Airbnb creates a win-win situation for bothproperty owners and travelers because they are providing comfortable andluxurious places to travelers at an affordable price, and property owners canalso earn a handsome amount from the non-used property.

You no longer have to promote your property in anewspaper, radio, pamphlets, etc. You just need to list it on Airbnb, andinterested people can purchase or rent at their will.


You just need a little bit of research to findout profitable opportunities to make a living for yourself from the internet.

I hope you have found this article useful andactionable. Please let me know in the comments what do you think about thispost and the ideas discussed in this article about making money online.