Search engines are the go-to place for local buyers and consumers to find out any relevant service provider or manufacturer. Therefore, “near me,” searches are frequently searched in Google.

In fact, 50% of near me searches through mobile devices were converted into store visits. (Source)

So, business owners and entrepreneurs have the most significant chance to leverage a platform and get the power to generate lead through SEO.

To improve search engine optimization, along with on-page SEO, backlinks are also crucial to get a higher ranking.

Unless you have a brand image like a multinational company or an influencer, getting backlinks naturally for your local business website can be challenging.

Therefore, you need to ensure that your website is getting enough citation and backlink juice so that it can rank for local searches.

That’s when backlink techniques like business listing come into the picture. 

Here’s an explanation for you about why business listing websites are required.

Why Business Listing Sites Are Needed 

A business listing allows you to publish your company’s information on high authority directories and web resources. These resources will allow you to create your profile, add the necessary business information along, and also get a backlink from it.

Good business listing websites only allow legitimate and genuine businesses to create their business listing on their websites.

Therefore, if you can come across search business listing sites, then you can elevate your search engine presence effectively.

So whenever a local consumer searches for something on a business listing website, they can find your business.

Even if someone types a brand name on a search engine, relevant business listing results would appear in SERPs.

However, make sure that you keep your details constant across all the business listing websites.

Why Must We Keep The Same Details Across All Business Listing Sites?

Because if you keep changing business details across business listing websites, then the search engine crawlers get confused about which particular information is the right one. 

Sometimes, the business listing with inaccurate or wrong data might get ranked in SERPs, and users won’t get the right information about your business. 

And therefore, it is vital to ensure that you are using the same data for your business listing websites. 

Many good business listing websites charge particular money to list a website. 

However, we have compiled a list of free business listing websites in India so that you can use it and leverage the power of citation for your business website’s search engine rankings.

Before that, an abstract note about all these websites.

  • All of them require you to create an account.
  • They would take some time to improve your listing.
  • All of them provide a legitimate backlink to your business website.

Now, before you start creating accounts on these websites, gather all the below data of your business. 

  1. Business Name
  2. Tag Line
  3. Description
  4. Categories
  5. Phone number/Fax
  6. Address
  7. Website URL
  8. Images
  9. Social Profiles
  10. Certifications

Business listing websites require this information about your business to add credibility and generate social proof about professional activities. 

Some of them might be mandatory details, and some of them would not be. 

Without further ado, let’s see what the free business listing websites in India are.

What are the Top Business Listing Sites in India

1. IndiaMART

IndiaMART is one of the biggest B2B Indian marketplaces that works as a bridge between buyers and sellers.

Its primary focus is to provide enterprises of all sizes: small, medium, and big; even individuals and freelancers can easily find new prospects through inbound marketing.

Indian consumers would search about particular services on the IndiaMART, and the website will provide a list of excellent service providers based on the location.

IndiaMART gives contact details of businesses that customers can use to connect with the service provider directly. 

For businesses and brands, the lead generation process becomes efficient and lightning-fast, thanks to IndiaMART’s brand image.  Additionally, IndiaMART has a robust framework for showing highly relevant business details to buyers.

Top 100+ Free Business Listing Sites in India in 2020 1

Therefore, people who are coming to IndiaMART are already warm or hot leads that you can convert quickly through persuasion.

IndiaMART adds prominent trust badges on the business listing to increase the trust-factor of the right supplier. 

To submit your business, you need to register an account on the platform and provide your business details in the given format. 

Again, make sure that you are providing all the correct information about your business.

2. JustDial

JustDial is a platform that helps people find out reliable solution providers through the internet.  JustDial is the perfect place to start an online presence for your local business.

On the homepage of the just dial, you will find out your existing location by default, along with a search bar where you can find companies by typing the name of the services or the company.

Contractors, real estate agents, laminate sheets manufacturers, marketers, just dial has got it all. 

When you surf the platform, you will come across a list of relevant businesses along with their names and reviews out of 5 stars. 

JustDial has a system where someone can treat your company’s credibility on the platform so that other future buyers would know how reliable your business is.

Top 100+ Free Business Listing Sites in India in 2020 2

It is incredibly crucial to get your JustDial profile up and running and start taking it seriously because it is the power to shape your company’s identity online.

Moreover, whenever somebody searches the brand keyword of your business, the result would show on local SERPs. 

Therefore, fill out all the necessary details about your business and make sure that you are updating your listing. Also, encourage your existing buyers to write a review of your company on JustDial.

Remember, if more people are putting positive reviews about you, your listing would be stronger and more reliable to prospects.

Your business’ key areas are highlighted on your listing to make it a lead magnet. 

3. Google My Business

When the most significant search engines on the planet provide something helpful, it must be taken seriously.

Your Google My Business profile is the most crucial property to make your business thrive online. 

Because Google My Business’ details are displayed in the knowledge graph whenever someone searches your brand name in Google. 

Top 100+ Free Business Listing Sites in India in 2020 3

Moreover, if your business is listed in Google My Business, it could appear in the list of “near me” searches. 

Also, GMB provides an insightful dashboard that gives you analysis and engagement data of the users’ to understand how they are responding to your GMB listing. 

Just sign in with your Gmail account on Google My Business’ website to begin the process. 

With the help of this free listing, you get a leading edge in the local market to interact with your customers.


Trusted by more than 1,250,000 businesses, Indian Yellow Pages is the must-have business listing for all local vendors. 

It has more than 60,000 categories and covers more than 1400 cities in India.

Just click on the button “Post Free Ad” on the top-right corner of the website and create your business listing on the site. 

5. TradeIndia

Join more than 3 million sellers by creating your business listing on TradeIndia. 

More than 3.5 million buyers trust this platform, and the website claims to have more than 1.1 million interactions last week. 

You will find a button on the top right corner to join this website. Once you submit your business details, your listing will be confirmed after a few days. 

6. Sulekha 

Sulekha has been one of the most renowned websites to find any professional service providers in India.

This platform has more than 50 million users, and more than 200 thousand verified experts belong to more than 200 different industries.

That means you can find several expert service providers from Sulekha.

Top 100+ Free Business Listing Sites in India in 2020 4

Sulekha claims to have more than 2000 listed services in total, so you can easily find your industry among the options provided by the website.

Sulekha also claims that it generates more than 9 million leads per month for the service providers registered on the platform.

To begin registering your business listing, you need to click on the “+List Your Business” option on the top of the website and enter mandatory details to start the registration.

7. ClickedINDIA

ClickedINDIA is a B2B marketplace that provides a platform for Indian and international sellers to get more leads through the business listing. 

Top 100+ Free Business Listing Sites in India in 2020 5

They have also got paid premium listing, but a free listing does justice of giving online exposure to suppliers. 

Click on the “ADD YOUR BUSINESS” option on the top-left corner of the website. 

8. PoweredIndia

This is another straightforward and reliable business is listing website in India. 

Click on the Free Business Listing option in Red at the top-right corner to begin the process.

Once you fill the form and register your business, the listing will be approved.

9. Grotal

Started in 2009, Grotal is a trustworthy business listing website. 

It gives precise, accurate, and reliable data of suppliers and manufacturers. It provides data of companies based on websites around the world. 

On the homepage of the website, just click on the “Add Your Business” option on the top-right corner of the site, and you are good to go. 


ExportersIndia has a massive chunk of data about vendors, suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers of different industries. 

Getting a business listing on this website can get you more leads, calls, emails, and inquiries. 

Of course, you have to join the platform to get your business listing. 

Here is the list of free business listing sites in India.



I hope you like this article. I’d love to know your feedback about the same and the ideas discussed in the article. 

So, feel free to drop your comments below. 

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