A domain name needs to be brandable but straightforward. The novelty of a name makes it memorable. Having a complicated name, one that is unnatural sounding makes it difficult for the customer to reach your website. They might not be able to get it right.

Additionally, using a domain name with an ambiguous meaning is less likely to inspire the right associations. However, having a one- or two-word domain name, without any random numbers or hyphens, is the right way to foster something catchy.

There are 1.7 Billion websites currently active. It means out of the limited number of possibilities for the right website name, almost 2 Billion are already taken.

Finding the right domain name that hits all the marks just right has never been this challenging.

Here is a list of tools that will help you find the perfect domain name that adheres to all these guidelines.

#1 Nameboy

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 1

With a classic, straightforward interface, Nameboy serves up interesting domain names, which are color-coded to help you see if they’re available.

The core product is 100% free. They’ve partnered up with BlueHost, which makes it easier for you to register a domain name right after you pick it. The best part, BlueHost does it all – provides you with the domain name and also hosts it for as cheap as $2.75 a month.

All-in-all, Nameboy is a very effective domain name generator that has stood the test of time (operational since 1999!).

#2 Bust a Name

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 2

It is the most versatile tool on this list. With it’s simple, albeit very feature-rich interface, Bust A Name serves both as a domain name generator and a host finder.

Bust A Name utilizes two approaches that help you find the right domain name:

The domain search section has you enter words or phrases that are related to your site. You can treat this as a Google search.
On hitting “Add”, the site spits out all the available domains.

Unlike the Domain Search section, the Domain Maker section does not use dictionary words. It makes for more voguish, brandable results.

Both the sections allow you to see which sites are selling the domain, and for how much. Additionally, “Domain & Hosting” prices are also shown if you plan of going that route.

You can also pick the extension you’re looking for, but know that “.com” works best.

#3 Instant Domain Search

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 3

The design of the website is based on the “filter-as-you-type” search bar. It is implemented to be used in many ways.

Just like the name states, Instant Domain Search enables you to find domain names – both unused and aftermarket ones and shows availability for many extensions instantly.

Country code extensions are also supplied if you’re looking for a website with one. Their Domain Name Generator works like a draft Google. Here, you’re meant to type in what others must search to get to your site. Then, the website spits out appropriate names.

Furthermore, your first purchase via Instant Domain Search costs $5 flat, plus a small ICANN fee.

#4 Lean Domain Search

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 4

Lean Domain Search is a powerful domain name generator, that stands out with the quirky, unique names that it supplies using prefixes and suffixes.

The engine also checks the availability of an exact domain name that matches your search term. Typically, these are not available. But if they are, they’re listed before every other result.

The results are color-coded, and super effective sorting and filtering make it easy to find the right domain name quickly.

If you find something you like, but want to keep your options open, you can mark the name as favorite and keep looking. It makes keeping track and narrowing your list down simple.

#5 Dot-o-Mator

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 5

If you’re looking to combine two words to create your domain’s name, Dot-o-Mator does just that.

The site has a 2000’s style interface. It generates suggestions from the list of words that you supply it with for the beginning and end of the name.

When you spot something striking, you can move it to the “scratchboard”, which in turn checks the availability of the domain name.

If you need to come up with a captivating domain name fast, and you’re on the move, they also have an iOS app available to use for free.

Further, they also have a random name generator that supplies its users with a decent offering of trendy names.

#6 Name Station

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 6

If you’re looking for something that will supply you the highest amount of polished domain names in one go, then you should check your NameStation.

The site utilizes 28 search methods internally, that help generates a large number of name suggestions in just a few mouse clicks.

Their quality ranking system sorts the results. If a particular domain is already taken, NameStation gives you the whois database entry. Using this, you can contact the site owner and possibly buy the domain.

You can also choose to hold a crowdsourcing naming contest and hire their team of experts since no algorithm can beat human creativity at times.

#7 Shopify Business Name Generator

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 7

Shopify is a household name in the eCommerce & site-building industry. Like their other tools, the Business Name Generator tool is also top-notch.

It is effortless to use. All you need to do is enter keywords that relate to your site. Afterward, Shopify will generate hundreds of polished names for you.

Shopify will insist that you buy the domain name from them, but you can purchase the domain name from anywhere.

All the suggestions use a “.com” extension, and there are no options for other extensions as such.

#8 Name Smith

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 8

Creating appealing domain names is effortless with Name Smith.

The bubbly interface makes it easy to navigate, and the engine is multi-faceted. You can enter up to 5 keywords, and the engine returns hundreds of flashy names that utilize all kinds of extensions.

Powerful post search tuning is what makes Name Smith stand out. It can switch around the exact keywords you give it in multiple ways, add prefixes or suffixes and modify the keywords to make them sound unique. It can also generate names with blends or rhymes of the keywords.

Name Smith also features a unique random name generator, which allows you to pick what style of name you’re looking for (like Modern, Japanese, etc.).

#9 Panabee

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 9

If you’re meticulous and look for a large variety in the names generated, Panabee should do the trick.

If a domain name, which is perfect for your site is taken, Panabee presents plenty of alternatives that are inspired by the original idea.

These names come from phonemes, abbreviations, alliterations, trends, prefixes, and suffixes.

It also considers the fact that running a site is a multi-faceted ordeal, and the site owners will want to have pages on social media sites.

To help with this, Panabee goes ahead and checks the username availability for their uniquely generated domain names across the most popular social media sites – from Twitter to Tumblr!

#10 Domain Typer

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 10

Domain Typer is another incremental-search based engine that boasts a single-page interface that is intuitive and vibrant.

As you type your keyword, the site checks the availability of a domain name that matches the keyword itself and informs the user of its availability across extensions.

It also includes hundreds of domain names that related closely to the keyword.

Domain Typer is catered to match a perfectionist’s mindset. It is because if you don’t like any of their suggestions, then you can scroll over to the domain hacks section. There, you can find additional sites that are currently available to use.

It also checks username availability across 33 major social media platforms, making it a truly all-in-one package.

#11 Domainr

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 11

If you’re looking for a simple approach, and you already have a name in mind, Domainr should help you find a domain name quickly.

There is no keyword search as such, and this simple site bluntly takes the word you give to it and scours the internet for the best domain names.

It logs searches and tracks thousands of top-level domains and registrars, which results in many domains with distinct extensions.

At first glance, it feels like you’re doing most of the work. However, the site is surprisingly effective in finding the best extensions that match your website.  

It is the perfect tool to use when you’re ready to take the last step and buy a domain. It helps find the best price and the best presentation.

#12 Naque

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 12

Naque hosts a bunch of tools that will help you garner the right domain name. It hosts four (and a half) tools:

  • Word Mixer + Word Mixer Seeds
  • Word Generator
  • Random Words
  • Geographic Names

The “Word Mixer Seeds” tool gives you catalogs of words that you can pick from. After you choose, they are used as sources by the “Word Mixer” tool to create unique, made-up words. A lot of them will not make sense, but some of them will click. Chances are, no one even thought of these words, and this is what gives you an edge.

“Word Generator” works in a similar fashion. However, you don’t get to pick the sources. The “Random Words” churns out real words, that you can use as sources with the Word Mixer manually.

#13 DomainWheel

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 13

Boasting a modern and appealing interface, DomainWheel aims to make searching for domain names more fun.

It churns out dozens of combinations of the keywords and related terms in every search. This makes for maximum exposure for the user and helps pick a name that’s right for your site’s identity.

The site can display up to 15 extensions, all of which you can toggle on or off using the dropdown.

The user can get more creative results using the “Sounds like” section, which curates the list of words to match your preferences.

DomainWheel does not have a proper filtering option, which is a downside.

#14 Domains Bot

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 14

This widely adopted tool offers all the features you’d expect out of a refined name generator.

Domains Bot provides relevant domain suggestions in 11 different languages. Consequently, it helps users find the right domain name across all gTLDs, nTLDs, and ccTLDs.

One can also filter by extension, and opt to add their synonyms, prefixes or suffixes.

Market leaders like Weebly and OpenSRS rely on their services, and it can help you find the perfect domain name too.

#15 Domain Puzzler

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 15

With Domain Puzzler, you curate the right domain name from start to finish fast, with the three distinct options:

  • Easy
  • Advanced
  • Magic

The difference between the options is the varying levels of intractability.

In the “Easy” option, the process is pretty straightforward – enter the keyword, and you’ll find relevant domain names. In the “Advanced” section, you additionally get to pick and combine words.

The “Magic” option combines your words with famous words. It gives you a feel for what kind of name you should be going after.

They also have a “Page Rank” feature that compares the domain names you selected. This tool provides useful insights.

#16 NameStall

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 16

NameStall’s interface has an early 2000’s vibe. However, the mechanics behind it are very optimized for 2019.

The domain name generator tool uses the concept of “Word Groups” that narrow down popular words and combine them with the input you supply.

The site also features some other tools like:

  • Dictionary Word Domain Search
  • Domain Name Hack
  • 3 & 4 Letter Domain Search
  • Brand Name Generator
  • Instant Domain Search
  • High Paying Keyword

The Domain Name Suggestions tool works just like the Name Generator. However, there are no “Word Groups”, and the most trendy domain names, both available and taken ones, are displayed.

#17 Name Mesh

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 17

Name Mesh gives you fine-tuned results, and categorizes them into New, Search Engine Optimized, Short, and Fun.

It displays the best price for the domain and hosting, which is quite handy.

There is also a Premium category. It is for those who’re looking to hunt down the best domain names and are willing to pay the price. The domains under the Premium section cost upwards of $1000.

The engine uses precise alternatives using the inbuilt Thesaurus database, which has over 6 million entries. Name Mesh has a unique system that allows you to specify what you’re looking for.

An asterisk after a word makes sure that the word is included in the results displayed. A question mark replaces a character with any letter or number (for instance “??? day”).

#18 I Want My Name

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 18

If you already have a name in mind and are hunting down the best deals, or looking for other extensions, I Want My Name is the tool you should use.

It has a fairly minimalist, but modern interface, and there are no filtering options other than to hide the unavailable domains.

It’s fast and generates thousands of entries in seconds. However, a sorting option is missing.

All-in-all, it is an excellent tool for someone looking for the best price for a domain name.

#19 Cool Name Ideas by WebHostingGeeks

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 19

When you know your end goal with a site – the potential size of the business, or the audience you’re catering to, Cool Name Ideas makes it easy to shortlist your domain names.

The amount and filtering the WebhostingGeeks offer, make this site stand out. They narrow things down by asking you:

  • Words that best describe your business
  • The type of business
  • The benefits your customers/readers receive
  • The naming style you’re going for, and
  • The extensions you want

In addition to all this, Cool Name Ideas also checks for if a Twitter handles with the same name is taken – this helps you make an informed decision about a domain name.

#20 Wordoid

20 Domain Name Generators to Get Awesome Ideas 20

Wordoid is a nifty tool that uses various techniques to make up words that look unique and sound great.

The site opens up to a menu. Next, it helps you refine your search for a made-up word down to the T.

You can pick from 5 languages; pick the quality you’re looking for and mention where the keyword is meant to go (beginning or the end).

Also, you can set the maximum length of the word. On searching, the availability of the domain name also pops up, and you can choose to show only the available ones. You may also pick the registrar you wish to buy the domain from.

Finding the right name for your site is critical since it is the name that makes the first tangible impression on the visitor.

Coming up with a domain name, while adhering to the guidelines can be challenging to do. Making up a new name, without any assistance, can be even more difficult.

With 20 of the best domain name generators handy, you will have no problem finding the proper domain name that sounds appealing and describes your business perfectly.

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