For any website, generating maximum relevant traffic and results is one of essential inbound marketing activity.

Out of all the online marketing platforms, SEO provides the most cost-effective and reliable marketing platform to connect with prospects and provide services.

However, getting a website on the 1st page of search engine result page is not an easy task. The website should appear reliable and trustworthy to convince search engines to rank it for a particular search query.

An excellent way to do that is to get quality backlinks for the website. As reliable third-party websites link back to a specific site, the latter’s authority and ranking will automatically improve

Directory submission is an effective way to get quality backlinks and gain digital popularity. For the matter, there are dozens of online directories available to help you achieve the objective.

Most of the search engines crawl these directory submission websites to get the details about a particular website and business. If authoritative submission sites refer your business or website with concurrent data, your website will automatically get a ranking boost.

All you need to do is create a profile in the directory submission sites and submit your website.

But for that, understand how directory listing work. You have to go to the directory submission site list and submit your site for approval.

From here, there are a couple of cases:

  1. Once you submit your website in the directory, you have to wait to get the approval of your listing. You either have to keep checking the directory or wait for the email confirmation for your listing to be live.
  • Your listing would be approved within a few days. However, the backlink may be a NoFollow.
  • In the third scenario, you will have to pay a certain amount to the directory submission website to make your listing more prominent. In some cases, you also get DoFollow or special placement on the directory page to attract more users to your site.

Before choosing any directory for submission, consider its DA and spam score. Moreover, if you can get a DoFollow backlink, it can give maximum benefit to your search engine ranking.

Read on to know more about some of the excellent directory submission sites that you can try.

#1. EntireWeb (DA: 52, Spam Score: 3%)

On this web directory, you can submit details of your business to claim your listing with a DoFollow backlink. You can choose the type of your business from the different categories supported by EntireWeb.

You can mention your email address, social media handles, description, logo along with the physical address of your company to showcase in your business listing.

#2. GoogleMyBusiness (DA: 100)

The list of best directory submission sites is incomplete without the mention of Google My Business in it. Businesses of any kind can register their details in Google My Business listing to get maximum local SEO benefits.

Not to forget that Google is the number one search engine at the moment, and it shows Google My Business’ details to local search queries.

Furthermore, local search queries are increasingly more with time.

You can mention your name, working hours, address, social media, and his previous emails, phone numbers, website URL, etc.

#3. Yelp for Business (DA: 94, Spam Score: 1%)

Yelp has a business directory listing website where company owners can submit their business details and acquire more brand coverage.

This is one of the most renowned companies listing where people go to find enterprises and solution providers. You can provide name, address, working hours, photographs to in your Yelp Business listing.

#4. EZLocal (DA: 53, Spam Score: 4%)

EZLocal boosts your local SEO efforts and provides more search engine rankings locally.

To register your listing, you need to create an account and provide business details to claim your listing for free. People have also experienced quick indexing of their websites after submitting their website on EZLocal.

#5. Yahoo (DA: 88, Spam Score: 1%)

One of the best search engines of its time, Yahoo also provides directory listing platform for SMBs to improve search engine ranking by getting an online listing.

They also provide reports and analytics about the listing that can help the company understand their buyers’ online behavior.

#6. Viesearch (DA: 42, Spam Score: 3%)

Viesearch is one of the oldest websites out there that provides business listing and passes great link juice to the websites.

It provides dofollow backlink to the websites which certainly going to enjoy better search engine rankings after claiming the listing on Viesearch.

You have to join this directory submission website to create your listing. They have a robust structure of categories to cover all the types of websites on the web.

#7. (DA: 39, Spam Score: 2%)

This online directory is active since 1996. You can use the search feature and look out for any companies or services on the website.

You can also submit your business by providing the necessary information. Click on submit website to begin the process. You will be given step-by-step instructions to claim your list on LinkCenter.

You can also go with paid listing to use or more pictures from this directory submission website.

#8. A1WebDirectory (DA: 34, Spam Score: 34%)

A1WebDirectory is another directory that allows website submissions that can pass quality link juice to improve search rankings.

They have a particular set of guidelines that a website needs to match the latter wants to register on the directory. A1WebDirectory supports all the major categories and niches websites, blogs, E-Commerce stores, etc.

You can also pay a one-time fee of $39 to approve your directory listing within a couple of days. They also provide a standard listing which may take a couple of days to approve.

#9. HighRankDirectory (DA: 32)

You can submit your website link with other details like description, name, etc. in this directory submission website and get a DoFollow backlink in return. Once you submit your site in hiring directory, you can go with three types of listing.

You can go for featured listing which will be reviewed by a human editor after you pay $9.9/year. In the second option, your link will be reviewed after three to four months.

And in the last option have to give a reciprocal link to HighRankDirectory and get your listing approved within two to four weeks.

#10. (DA: 32, Spam Score: 6%)

DirectoryCritic welcomes five types of listing, namely free, paid, article, niche, and deep link. You can search your website type on the directory to get maximum exposure and better search engine rankings.

There are different prices for different types of directory submissions on the website. Moreover, DirectoryCritic gives DoFollow backlinks to the websites submitted.

#11. (DA: 65, Spam Score: 3%) is the ideal place for real estate agents and contractors to expand their business online and connect with more buyers and sellers.

Along with the listing, the website also provides unlimited tracking and comprehensive analytics tool to understand user behavior. Based on the type of your property, you can go for two types of listing on this website.

#12. (DA: 94, Spam Score: 4%) is one of the web resources and directory submission websites that provide high-quality listing for business and enterprises.

They have successfully registered 150K businesses and have 175K members in their community. To register your listing, you have to create an account on this website first. Then you can provide your business details to get started.

#13. Facebook Business Page (DA: 95, Spam Score: 1%)

Any business that is targeting consumers online should have a Facebook business page, which is one of the trustworthy and reliable sources.

Your Facebook business page also comes in search engine results whenever somebody searches your business.

To get your Facebook business page, you need to provide your business details like name, website, address, and phone number to let people connect with you.

#14. FourSquare (DA: 93, Spam Score: 15%)

FourSquare provides one of the premium directory submission platforms where you can claim your business listing and get lucrative exposure for ultimate business growth.

Once you get your listing, ForSquare also provides you with their enhanced reporting and analysis tool to serve users better.

While being in FourSquare, you can connect with other startups and enterprises, and also target potential local consumers to generate more business.

#15. MapQuest (DA: 89, Spam Score: 3%)

MapQuest ensures that when consumers search for businesses, they should get accurate and genuine information about a company.

Hence, it stores and showcases all the minute details that the company wishes to broadcast to potential buyers. They show address, name, working hours, website, social media handles, etc.

All you need to do is provide your information, verify your listing and let the MapQuest handle the rest.


Here are the Directory Submission Sites footprints if you want to search for more websites.

Open Classifieds Directory Foot Prints:

"Web Powered by Open Classifieds"
"Powered by Open Classifieds" inurl:"/OpenClassifieds/publish-new.html"
"Powered by Open Classifieds" inurl:"/OpenClassifieds/
"Web Powered by Open Classifieds" inurl:"/publish-new.html"
"Web Powered by Open Classifieds" "Publish new advertisement"
"Web Powered by Open Classifieds" "Publish new"
"Web Powered by Open Classifieds" "Publish new" "User account will be created"

Open Link Directory Foot Prints:

"Powered byOpen Link Directory" "Submit a link"
"powered by Open Link Directory" "Submit a link"
"powered by Open Link Directory" inurl:"/submit.php"
"powered by Open Link Directory" inurl:"/submit.php?cat_id="
"powered by Open Link Directory" "Regular Link"

Particle Links Directory Foot Prints:

"Powered by Particle Links" inurl:"/directory/"
"Powered by Particle Links" "Suggest URL"
"Powered by Particle Links" "Suggest Topic"

Php Link Directory Directory Foot Prints:

"Powered by php Link Directory" inurl:"/submit.php"
"Powered by php Link Directory" "Regular link"
"Powered by php Link Directory" "Submit Link"
"Powered by php Link Directory" "Site Information" "Optional Site Information"
"Powered by php Link Directory" inurl:"/submit.php" -"Regular links with reciprocal"
"Powered by: PHP Link Directory" inurl:"/submit.php"
"Powered by: PHP Link Directory" "Regular link"
"Powered by: PHP Link Directory" "Submit Link"


As a business owner, you should not ignore the website listing provided by the leading organizations of the world like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. All the legitimate businesses should claim their directory listing on these websites before anything else.

Feel free to share your views in the comments about the directory submission websites shared in this article.

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