Are you struggling after investing in a trending online marketing channel because of fewer conversions? It could be an eBook download, lead generation, product purchase from different social media channels like social media, email, search engine, etc.

You might have generated engagement on the post or got several clicks, but you could not navigate the users to take their credit card out and purchase your products.

Most of the time, you might not have built the funnel for your product. You will need a sales or marketing sales to funnel to take prospects into the buyer’s journey and eventually convert them as the lifelong consumer of your products and services.

Usually, the funnel is made of four steps — brand awareness, engagement, consideration, and conversion.

Brief of the buyer’s journey

  • Awareness: Here, you ensure that people come across your product for the first time and find out that you are providing a relevant solution.
  • Engagement: Now, you will publish content that educates and creates engagement for your brand.
  • After this stage, your potential buyer would have visited your website or your social media channels to find out more about your business. 
  • So far, they would also have checked offers and pricing of your services and products, so now it is your chance to leverage the consideration stage where you showcase your product as the solution.
  • Consideration: In this stage, your content would try to pursue potential buyers. You can show testimonials and try to build trust for your products.
  • Conversion: You ensure that people take the final step and purchase your stuff.

Now, you might be wondering where do ClickFunnels firs in all this scenario. Clickfunnel is a renowned tool that helps you create online sales funnel based on the buyer’s journey to pursue your prospects.

They have different templates and attractive features for you to leverage them for more online conversions.

11 ClickFunnel Alternatives that Are Much Cheaper 1

Once you check the pricing of the tool, you might ask why do you need to invest so much in this tool. So, let’s understand why do you need ClickFunnels.

Why You Need ClickFunnel for Your Business

Save Money

This is the most important factor of why do you need to use ClickFunnels for your business. For your business to thrive online, you need to hire website developers, designers, and administrators who develop an engaging website for your business.

But for all those activities, you will have to pay them upfront cost to do all these tasks. So, before you make the first penny online, you have to invest a few thousand dollars into building a website.

Moreover, a flat website with casual landing pages might not be able to entertain your customers effectively, and you will need a funnel to do that.

Therefore, you need a smart sales funnel builder that can help you create the landing page of your choice.

ClickFunnels can help you build responsible landing pages from scratch even though you don’t know how to code. So, you can create landing pages that are aligned to a funnel without taking any assistance from website developers and designers. 

You can use existing templates of the tool to do the same.

11 ClickFunnel Alternatives that Are Much Cheaper 2

Save Time

ClickFunnels will help you save a lot of time because you no longer have to indulge yourself in any technical jargon or coding to build funnels for your digital marketing activities.

They will be providing reliable and lucrative templates to suit your dynamic objectives, and you just need to focus on writing persuasive content that converts users into returning customers.

You don’t have to waste your precious time in understanding JavaScript, HTML, or CSS since ClickFunnels handle all of them.

Using the drag and drop feature of ClickFunnels, you can build engaging landing pages quickly.

Get More Sales 

Since the funnel templates provided or built are highly profitable, they can give you excellent conversions for online selling of your products.

You can implement web elements like videos, forms, locations, calls, pop-ups to engage your readers. These small interactions between your ClickFunnels page and reader would improve conversion like no other.

If you had gone for the professional developer, you might have to wait and invest funds, as already discussed. Since all those tasks are done within minutes by ClickFunnels, your business can quickly make profits.

Check out this case study of a brand that generated $2684 in sales in 30 days using ClickFunnels.

Automate Sales Process

One of the most effective yet undermined things, according to me in digital marketing, is automating sales procedures. 

Instead of hiring dedicated account managers for a digital marketing agency, you can literally automate your sales by integrating persuasive sales and marketing funnel by ClickFunnels.

It has the power to automate your sales by engaging relevant consumers, and it also supports third-party tools like MailChimp, Shopify, and other tools.

Grow Email List

An email list is the most critical digital asset for any company.

Through email addresses, you can always stay in touch with your prospects and offer them dynamic offers from your products and services. It is a direct communication channel compared to most of the online communication modes.

ClickFunnels will allow you to place forms and pop-ups so that you can interact with your customers and encourage them to share their details.

11 ClickFunnel Alternatives that Are Much Cheaper 3

However, not every SMEs and startups can afford recursive charges of this tool. We understand their situation, and we know the need to create funnel-oriented landing pages for products.

Therefore, we have made a detailed list of alternatives to ClickFunnels.

Top 11 ClickFunnels Alternatives

#1. LeadPages

LeadPages is an active funnel builder online that can improve your online marketing campaign like no other. It can help you create a unique resource for your digital marketing activities in the form of a landing page.

11 ClickFunnel Alternatives that Are Much Cheaper 4

They provide a platform for small businesses to connect with the consumers and convert more users into recurring customers.

With LeadPages, you don’t need any technical background to create a website. This platform will provide you drag and drop a landing page builder to create a funnel for your business.

11 ClickFunnel Alternatives that Are Much Cheaper 5

LeadPages also provide sophisticated and attractive design templates that give a professional and elegant layout to landing pages.

All the temperate and webpage elements of LeadPages are responsive and supported on all devices and hardware environments.

Below is the pricing structure of the LeadPages.

#2. Unbounce

How many times did you struggle with the web page builder because it could not find landing page templates of your choice?

That won’t be the case with Unbounce because they have covered funnels for almost all the objectives and all the niches of websites like SaaS, agencies, eCommerce, affiliate marketing, blogging, etc.

11 ClickFunnel Alternatives that Are Much Cheaper 6

Trusted by more than 15000+ brands across the web, Unbounce claims that it is the #1 landing page builder out there. Campaign monitor, Later, Zola, Agency Within are some of its regular customers.

Unbounce provides a highly optimized and intuitive layout that could help you create landing pages for your websites. With simple drag and drop and minimal efforts, Unbounce will provide you with lucrative landing pages within seconds.

There are three packages of Unbounce. The packages are designed to meet different user bases. Based on your requirements and campaign objectives, you can choose the campaign.

11 ClickFunnel Alternatives that Are Much Cheaper 7

#3. Samcart

Samcart can revamp the way you make online sales these days. It makes the process super efficient and enjoyable.

You can communicate with your prospects on any stage of the buyer’s journey effectively by leveraging the landing page and funnel builder of Samcart.

The tool allows you to add relevant web page elements to attract maximum prospects and eventually convert them.

11 ClickFunnel Alternatives that Are Much Cheaper 8

It is a fully-functional webpage builder for eCommerce sellers who don’t have a versatile catalog and vast portfolio of products under their belt.

Samcart lets everyone create an online store with a high converting landing page by leveraging its platform. They have a powerful upsell feature in place to increase the number of conversion from the landing pages.

Usually, to run online campaigns and promote your business online, you would need to switch between different tracking platforms and CRM software to manage and track the campaign’s performance.

Its tracking platform will give you a comprehensive understanding and granular control over your business.

The tool also supports third-party SaaS platforms so that you can club together with your favorite tools to maximize your online conversions with Samcart.

Simcart has got several packages, each having a 14-day trial period for the users who can experience the tool first.

#4. Instapage

Instapage is a single stop solution for all your online conversion needs. Instapage is a post-click automation tool that can give you up to 4x more conversions.

Along with home page and landing page builder, Instapage has got a stream of helpful solutions that you can leverage to get more conversions online.

You cannot only capture leads but also grow eCommerce purchases but also improve social, and search engine paid ads’ performances.

11 ClickFunnel Alternatives that Are Much Cheaper 9

You can create mobile-responsive landing pages within seconds using this tool while ensuring users get a dynamic browsing experience every time.

You can leverage different premium marketing tools of the internet and synchronize landing pages created by Instapage to ensure maximum engagement from the targeted audience.

#5. Simvoly

A sign of a good landing page editor is its capability to let users design any type of landing page. I mean, if a user wants to edit certain web elements in a particular kind of way, then he or she must be allowed to do so.

Simvoly is the perfect choice to create landing pages of any type focused on a sales funnel. It is one of the most portable landing page builders and funnels analyzation tool that allows you to create highly engaging landing pages of your choice.

11 ClickFunnel Alternatives that Are Much Cheaper 10

You won’t have to compromise on any of your designing requirements if you use this tool. Simvoly goes over the board in providing highly dynamic sales funnel to improve conversions up to 5x.

One of their templates includes accelerated checkout that makes customers purchase products instantly. They don’t have to go through several steps to buy products from a website.

You can start using this tool without entering your credit or debit card details. Just signup and get a trial period of this landing page and funnel builder tool. They also have premium plans which could be cost-effective for businesses of any size.

#6. Thrive Themes

I am sure that creating separate landing pages for products and services can be tiresome and time-consuming. Moreover, not all the users are on the same stage of the buyer’s journey. Therefore you need to tweak your website’s design for maximum conversion.

If you are selling more than one product, then building a website is always the right choice.

You can use the tools provided by Thrive Themes, which has some reliable options for themes and plugins for engaging users online.

11 ClickFunnel Alternatives that Are Much Cheaper 11

You don’t need to create dedicated landing pages from scratch. Just install the theme by Thrive Themes, and you are good to go. 

You also get access to use widgets and website builder with this tool. To use the products of ThriveThemes, you get two types of memberships mentioned below.

#7. GetResponse

Along with the website builder, GetResponse provides a ton of other marketing automation tools and features that can seamlessly automate your sales and marketing activities.

Email marketing, funnel creation, landing page creation, GetResponse has got it all. You can effectively publish persuasive content on your landing pages and tweak web elements as per your choice to pursue prospects.

You get customizable templates so that you can implement them quickly and start editing the design of your pages.

GetResponse also provides an advanced analytics system to measure return on investment, clicks, conversions, engagement of your school.

To create a funnel using GetResponse, you just need to provide the details and guidelines about your campaign, and the tool will automatically create a layout and handle all the technical hassle.

You can integrate all the other leading platforms of the web like WordPress, MailChimp, Slack, Etsy, Woo-Commerce, and dozens of others. You can also import your products and catalogs from the leading eCommerce platforms.

In the sales funnel provided by the tool, you can implement all the high-converting web page elements like popups, forms, videos, etc. You can play your webinar recordings on the landing page of GetResponse to pursue users.

Here’re the packages of this tool.

11 ClickFunnel Alternatives that Are Much Cheaper 12

#8. OptimizePress

Used by more than 100,000 customers who are content writers, marketers, advertisers entrepreneurs, affiliates, this tool has got reliable solutions to create funnels and dynamic landing pages for your digital marketing activities.

Through OptimizePress, you can create landing pages of any kind on your WordPress website. This will help you attract more buyers, acquire more leads, grow an email list, and convert more visitors.

You can embed webinar recordings and testimonials using this platform to engage users.

11 ClickFunnel Alternatives that Are Much Cheaper 13

You can also integrate third-party CRM and funnel builders with this tool to create a comprehensive online resource for maximum profits.

You can publish persuasive content, embed images on free templates provided by the platform. These templates have been tried and tested to generate maximum conversions.

#9. PipeDrive

PipeDrive has been providing comprehensive solutions and services to online marketers and entrepreneurs who want to grow their sales and ventures by grabbing more leads and converting more website visitors.

These guys have a long list of tools and services that you can implement as per your choice to develop highly engaging and optimized landing pages. You can create sales and marketing funnels easily without indulging in manual work.

Used by more than 90,000 companies across 179 countries of the world, PipeDrive can automate your sales and marketing growth like no other.

Brands like Amazon, TheNextWeb, Skyscanner, Vimeo have trusted this tool and its solutions.

The tool has got 4 unique plans starting from $12.5/month. Each plan has got 24-hours of dedicated support through chat and email.

They provide you with iOS and Android applications as well, and the tool is compatible with more than 150+ apps.

Here’s the pricing structure of this tool.

11 ClickFunnel Alternatives that Are Much Cheaper 14

#10. Builderall

The title of the homepage of Builderall reads ‘all in one digital marketing platform.’

Along with funnels and web-page elements, you can develop a whole website using this tool’s drag-and-drop feature. The tool has made all the aspects extremely responsive so that you can effectively target mobile and tablet.

This tool allows you to focus more on engaging users and implement social psychology to convert buyers and let it handle all the technical and web development tasks.

Even though you are selling rare products, don’t worry; the Builderall has got you covered. The extensive collection of funnels by Builderall will help you sell any kind of products with ease.

You can choose their pre-made templates to create funnels and landing pages. The platform will also encourage you to run the A/B tests to have more understanding of your users.

You can also implement dynamic opt-ins, upsells, carts, and popups to acquire more leads and conversions.

You can find the options of plans of Builderall

11 ClickFunnel Alternatives that Are Much Cheaper 15

#11. CartFlows

CartFlows can literally automate the flow of profits for your webpages. This sales funnel builder can help you create engaging web pages to entertain your prospects online.

After registering your account on this tool, you can get started and make your landing page live within 20 minutes thanks to the super user-friendly layout of this tool.

They have ready to import templates that are made by professional developers and skilled marketers to convert maximum website visitors.

The templates of this tool are friendly to Divi, Elementor, Beaver, Thrive and Gutenberg builders.

They have unique popups and styles to upsell and generate more profits from the single landing pages. CartFlows has a unique style of checkout that skips the traditional multi-step checkout process.

11 ClickFunnel Alternatives that Are Much Cheaper 16

When you talk about pricing, this is where things get interesting with CartFlows. For the solutions provided by the tool, they have one cost-effective package with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


If you have used any of the tools, feel free to drop your reviews below.

Based on the business requirements and market trend, any of these tools can skyrocket your sales within days.

I’m curious to know what are your thoughts about these funnel-builder tools. Let me know in the comments if you are planning to try any one of them in the future.

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