Have you ever felt embarrassed by a simple grammatical error?

In a school examination, such mistakes can impact your grades. Still, in your professional career, a single mistake can raise questions about your skills and might cause your company fewer profits.

A lack of punctuation marks says that you don’t have enough knowledge of the mainstream language, and you don’t know how to communicate with your peers.

A single mistake can stop you from getting your dream job, getting a better appraisal, or established professional or personal relationships with your clients or other individuals, respectively.

Other areas of English language like flow, tenses, and parallelism can still be overlooked if you are not a native speaker. However, punctuation marks are a basic necessity that you must understand thoroughly and apply it accordingly for effective communication.

You might be wondering why I’m stressing on punctuation marks so much. Well, here are the reasons.

Why Punctuation should not be overlooked

Read the two sentences below, and see how usage of the comma at different places form two completely different sentences.

  1. Please sell them, not give them for free.
  2. Please sell them not, give them for free.

The above two sentences are different and have entirely different meanings just because of the comma in the middle. 

All the words are the same, but just the placement of the comma inside the sentence can automatically change the meaning and context.

In the first sentence, you are telling to sell something and not giving anything for free; and in the other sentence, you are telling them to not sell anything and offer it for free.

Punctuations are used to amalgamate or separate sentences, words, and phrases in the text.

They are used for imposing stoppages in a sentence and make the sentences readable, comprehensive, and straightforward.

If the punctuation marks are not used properly, your sentences in the text would be irrelevant and vague.

Punctuation marks involve period, comma, exclamation marks, question marks, colon, semicolon, dash, hyphens, parentheses, brackets, braces, apostrophes, quotation marks, and ellipsis.

All of these signs have their significance, and they are used with a specific purpose.

For example, a comma is used for minor pause, but the semicolon is used for significant pause compared to comma and minor pause compared to period. Do you see it? How similar-looking sings have different and variety of usage in context?

So, based on the objective of your copy, you can modify the communication in your text through these punctuation marks, which are responsible for making or breaking your connection with the readers.

To not have any glitches in your text, we have made a detailed list of punctuation and comma checker tools that you can use to proofread your content effectively.

In our experience as professional writers, we have used all of these tools during our careers. So, we know these are the most reliable and cost-effective tools you can have. If you are a content writer and looking forward to writing SEO content for your clients, these Apps would be very helpful for you.

Read on to know more about the benefits of these tools.

15 Punctuation Checker and Comma Checker Tools

1. Grammarly

This list is incomplete without mentioning Grammarly. 

Since it is my most favorite punctuation checker tool, let’s begin this list by discussing Grammarly first.

Grammarly provides two types of plans, free and paid, for the users. For the sake of evaluating punctuations, the free version is enough.

15 Best Punctuation Checker Tools For Better Writing 1

You can register for a free account on this platform and check punctuation errors from your text effectively. You can paste your direction in the text area of this tool to correct the punctuation errors.

Grammarly also has a browser extension in Google Chrome.

The Chrome extension has given me the excellent advantage of proofreading my content on multiple platforms like social media accounts, email inbox, and Google documents.

The Google Chrome extension works on almost all the online platforms where you wish to write and edit your text.

2. Hemingway Editor

This simple-looking text editor is an online platform where you can proofread your content.

They don’t have a paid plan. You will get to use this tool for free without paying any subscription cost to anyone.

Moreover, you can also download the desktop application of this tool to cope with punctuation errors while typing anything in your local system.

The Hemingway Editor has been built with the help of professional native English speakers and writers. The computational capability of Hemingway Editor is reliable in suggesting accurate solutions for punctuations.

15 Best Punctuation Checker Tools For Better Writing 2

This suggests which punctuation mark you must use in your writing to make it more comprehensive.

Even if you have used any punctuation mark by mistake, this tool will highlight it and recommend to rectify your text.

Along with punctuation errors, you can also cover other grammatical mistakes in your text effectively using this tool. You cannot only work on the flow and tenses of your text but also apply formatting in your document to make it more appealing to users.

3. WhiteSmoke

Whenever non-native English writers publish content online, they have the anxiety of being judged and criticized for their writing. And the online world is a nasty place where a slight mistake from your side might ruin the reputation.

But thanks to tools like WhiteSmoke, you will get an all-in-one English proofreading tool to evaluate all the aspects of English writing. 

Along with spelling, grammar, and style, WhiteSmoke also provides punctuation correction and translation features with the tool.

15 Best Punctuation Checker Tools For Better Writing 3

They have four different packages, and each has a variable of features. They have a Google Chrome extension that you can install in your browser to be able to cope with punctuation and common errors while writing something online.

The browser extension will save a lot of time you because you don’t have to go anywhere, whenever you want to check punctuation in your text because the extension will keep evaluating your writing and suggesting edits every time.

4. LanguageWriter

Do you ever get confused between the em dash and dash, colon and semicolon, and cannot decide which one to use in your text? Then you can use the LanguageWriter proofreading tool for your help.

This tool comes with three different packages covering three distinct customer segments who want to edit their content.

For most of the users, the free version is enough because it allows proofreading 20000 characters in one time.

You are allowed to choose which English accent you want to get your content edited. It could be Canadian, Australian, American, British, South African, or New Zealand English.

15 Best Punctuation Checker Tools For Better Writing 4

It covers all the customers’ areas through its availability on different web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

You can also download the setup of the tool and install it in your local system to cope with grammar and punctuation errors offline.

5. DupliChecker

Duplichecker is another online proofreading tool that helps you proofread your content effectively.

You just need to paste your text in the text editor and click on either of the two buttons to assess the content.

You can also click on the choose file button to upload your document on the platform. The tool will help you to find out your text document from your local system and upload it on the platform.

With this feature, you don’t need to copy and paste your content manually.

Along with English, you can also proofread your content in other languages like French, Spanish, Italian, etc.

When it comes to English, you can choose which accent you would prefer to proofread the content.

It will identify the punctuation errors that are present in your document and suggest corrections accordingly.

15 Best Punctuation Checker Tools For Better Writing 5

6. GingerOnline

A minor mistake in your writing can embarrass you and put you in an awkward situation. 

Your communication is not only negatively affected, but the reputation might be lost if you have committed any technical error while writing content.

In today’s day and age, we have been exposed to too many platforms and hardware environments. We use laptops, computers, and smartphones to write a message and send it to other people. 

Therefore, we have to ensure that we are writing the correct language for effective communication.

15 Best Punctuation Checker Tools For Better Writing 6

We have tools like Ginger that provides effective error checking capability to users to edit their content efficiently.

The tool is supported in Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, etc. So, you don’t have to switch to any other tool when you are using Ginger.

You can also rephrase your sentences with this tool to make it more appealing to readers. The rephrase features of the tool can redevelop your sentences with a clear and comprehensive message.

7. After the Deadline

Whenever you forget an exclamation mark or question mark in any given scenario, you might have got different and grammatically incorrect sentences. Unless you pick them out and change, you might have to later explain to your senior about this mistake.

But now you don’t have to worry about anything like that.

If you are using After the Deadline online proofreader tool, you can effectively improvise your text like no other.

15 Best Punctuation Checker Tools For Better Writing 7

The tool is built using artificial intelligence and natural language processing capability to identify the meaning behind the text.

It can understand what you want to convey and help you improve your text accordingly to make your writing resonate with the intended readers.

So you can say goodbye to the silly mistakes that you might be making with punctuation marks because this tool will do deep grammar scanning and provide you a detailed report of punctuation and error that you can rectify immediately.

Since the tool is open-source, you don’t have to pay money to anyone to use this tool.

8. GrammarLookup

Developed by Kamran Khan, GrammarLookup is for entrepreneurs, marketers, writers, and bloggers who want to edit their copies effectively and make their communications more effective.

For all the non-native English speakers, this free tool can be a great resource to improve their writing and optimize their documents by rectifying the errors immediately through this editor.

15 Best Punctuation Checker Tools For Better Writing 8

You just need to paste your content inside the text area of the home page of the website and click on the Lookup button.

GrammarLookup also provides popular English accent editing capability where you can proofread your content in American, British, and general English.

Along with spelling errors and styling, you can effectively cope with punctuation errors through this online content editor.

The artificial intelligence technology that works behind this tool will identify all the potential changes that you must make in your document.

9. SentenceCheckup

While proofreading any piece of content, a person needs to have the exceptional experience to find out mistakes quickly while reading and also keeping in mind the context of the text.

When it comes to errors, there are so many types of them that can be made while writing content. 

Along with grammar, you will have punctuation, flow, spelling, and style of writing that you have to take care of. Therefore, the proofreading task may take some time if a person is not acquainted with doing it.

For entrepreneur or blogger who is multitasking various tasks in the routine cannot afford tools to invest hours in proofreading.

Therefore, they can leverage tools like SentenceCheckup to find out punctuation errors efficiently. 

To do that, you just need to paste your text inside the text area of this tool and immediately Click on Button to identify the mistakes that you have made.

SentenceCheckup also lets you choose British or American English while using its tool to find out punctuation mistakes.

10. Scribens

Scribens is another dynamic proofreading told that effectively finds out punctuation errors in a document.

The straightforward layout of the tool will also give you a detailed report about the document that you have proofread with the tool.

You can have a comprehensive understanding of the text that you are proofreading using this tool. 

Most importantly, you don’t have to pay premium charges to leverage the features of this tool. You can also specify the font size and English accent that you want to proofread for your text.

People who have to write emails regularly, write social media captions and ad copies, need to have a tool that helps them evaluate their text quickly. Scribens can be that tool.

11. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is an all-in-one platform to elevate your content writing skills to a whole new level.

Along with spelling checkers, they have advanced punctuation and grammar checking features that can optimize the quality of your text like no other. 

You can leverage this tool by installing its Google Chrome browser extension for free.

To use this tool to its fullest potential, you can also go with the paid plan and purchase the software for offline or online purposes.

12. SpellCheckPlus Pro

SpellCheckPlus Pro has a free version, which is not “Pro”. The free version has fewer features compared to Pro.

In the Pro version, you have got an interactive grammar session to improve your basic understanding of English grammar. You get a resizable editor to edit as per your comfort.

You also get a chance to save your previous proofreading tasks and access your previous texts anytime you like it.

The SpellCheckPlus Pro comes with a trial version of 5 days, and then you have to pay the $14.99/month to use the tool.

15 Best Punctuation Checker Tools For Better Writing 9

13. Paper Rater

Paper Rater is one of the most dependable punctuation check tools out there because it genuinely finds out technical errors in the text.

Paper Rater has left no stone unturned in developing a platform through various technologies like data mining, machine learning, information retrieval, natural language processing, and computational linguistics.

15 Best Punctuation Checker Tools For Better Writing 10

You don’t need to download any Paper Rater’s software to use the tool locally. You can browse the editor from anywhere using a web browser.

14. SmallSEOTools

No need to get confused about the fundamentals of grammar thanks to tools like SmallSEOTools.

They have a grammar checker tool that can help you cope with spelling, flow, and punctuation errors quickly.

You just need to paste your content on the editor of this tool and let SmallSEOTools do the heavy lifting. Their algorithm will read the text you have pasted and accurately evaluate it.

It will provide suggestions to edit your text and edit your content. It will notify you to add relevant punctuation mark to make more sense out of your content.

15. GrammarCheck

Proofreading can be time-consuming for non-professional users. Bloggers, entrepreneurs, and other individuals who want to send a proposal to a client or publish an article would require a straightforward and quick way to evaluate their content accurately.

GrammarCheck deeply analyzes content and finds out any error in the text. Along with spelling, you can also identify punctuation errors inside your document.

15 Best Punctuation Checker Tools For Better Writing 11

You just need to enter your text in the text box of the home page of this tool and click either of the relevant buttons as per your requirement to find out errors in your text.


If you have used either for resolving punctuation mistakes in your content, you are welcome to share your experiences in the comments.

I’m curious to know what are your thoughts about the tools discussed in this article. Feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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