In this era of the Internet and social media, theway people interact with each other commercially and develop their careers hastaken a paradigm shift.

Baby boomers and X generations had differentkinds of cultures and professional lifestyles compared to the currentgenerations. Today, if you have skills and resources, you can make millions ofdollars by just sitting at your home in your tracksuit.

You don’t have to go anywhere else to join anorganization on a full-time basis to make money in this digital age.

Affiliate marketing is one of those ways that cangive you constant sales and generate money to sustain a decent lifestyle. Forall those who don’t know what affiliate marketing is all about, let’s have abrief overview of what is affiliate marketing.

Introduction to Affiliate Marketing India

Affiliate marketing is a legitimate way ofearning money through commissions after selling products and services ofcompanies and brands.

It is like word-of-mouth marketing, where yousuggest products and services to other people. However, in this case, you arealso getting paid a commission fee from the advertiser after every successfulpurchase from your referral.

In affiliate marketing, a commission is decidedbetween advertiser and marketer whose job is to redirect customers to themerchant’s website and make them buy the products.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing India: Best Guides and Programs 2

One of the most compelling advantages of doingaffiliate marketing is its performance-based nature. That means if you sellmore products, you will automatically get more profit.

So, when it comes to the opportunity of scalingyour business and profit, ‘sky is the limit’ in affiliate marketing. There isno benchmark for the upper limit of earning money through affiliate marketingbecause the more you sell, the more you will earn.

It seems to be a daunting and attractive businessmodel, but when it comes to earning money, you have to put effort and workhard.

Similarly, although affiliate marketing is themost effective online business model, you need to put a lot of work andresearch to build a strong foundation for the lasting affiliate marketingbusiness.

You can’t just share a link on your personalFacebook feed and expect to earn a commission. It does not work as if you arefor the long-term.

Having experience in affiliate marketing India, Iknow what works and what does not when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Therefore, I’ve created a detailed guide ofaffiliate marketing for beginners and what are the best affiliate programs inIndia that you can sign up.

So without further ado, let’s understand how tostart affiliate marketing.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing in India

In this segment, I am going to show you the exactsteps that you can follow to begin your affiliate marketing journey.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing India: Best Guides and Programs 3

Pick a Niche

It is the essential element behind succeeding inaffiliate marketing. You need to choose a profitable niche to do affiliatemarketing.

Because the niche is going to determine thesubsequent steps of your affiliate marketing journey, the niche is not onlygoing to determine the type of content you publish, the variety of productsthat you are going to sell on your website.

Therefore, your niche must be a profitable oneand least explored by fellow affiliate marketers in the given time.

For example, if you are choosing fashion as yourniche, but there are not many affiliate marketing programs that you canleverage to earn maximum commission. Or you might not have expertise in theniche to publish engaging content and encourage customers to buy specificproducts.

In this particular case, I’m sure you wouldstruggle if you don’t have any background knowledge of the niche.

Therefore, it is also recommended to choose aniche that you are passionate about. Your affiliate marketing niche should beprofitable and must interest you to create content around it.

While choosing your passion, check if you findprofitable products to sell. For that, you need to sign up for affiliatenetworks, discussed below.

Sign up on Affiliate Network

Affiliate marketers need affiliate programs thatallow them to sell products and services to users online.

Having said that, find out profitable andreliable affiliate programs is not an easy task as it requires a lot of manualresearch to determine the credibility of a particular affiliate program.

A smart choice is to go for affiliate networksand register an account there. These networks will give you many affiliatemarketing program options to choose from.

These affiliate networks work as an intermediarybetween advertiser and merchant. They connect brands with affiliates who cansell products. Therefore, brands can have more sales and sellers can earn acommission for their efforts.

Affiliate networks have a detailed reportingstructure in place to provide advanced reporting and analytical capability toaffiliates.

That means once you create an account on thesenetworks, you get a dashboard where you can track visits, revenue, sales andCTR for your affiliate programs.

The affiliate network will take care of regularpayout from merchant websites. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about whetheryou will get the payout or not.

Some affiliate networks also give you a dedicatedaccount manager who will guide you throughout all the procedures in signing up,synchronizing your account with the website, finding out relevant affiliateprograms and how to promote your products.

So, for anyone who is just starting andoverwhelmed by these steps, anyone can leverage this excellent support.

Look for Products to Promote

Affiliate marketing is not only profitable butthe most portable business opportunity. All must focus on finding reliableproducts to promote.

While choosing the products, avoid making‘beginner’s mistake’ by choosing only those products that provide the highestcommission.

First of all, you need to understand affiliatemarketing is possible on any given niche. If you are into rare niches that arenot followed by many bloggers, don’t worry, you can find products that peoplewould buy. 

In fact, in my experience, rare niches are themost profitable ones because brands find it hard to look for reliableaffiliates to sell products. Therefore, they will give more commission per salein such cases.

Most importantly, choose products that arerelevant to your niche.

Because these products will be sold on yourwebsites or any other digital properties which are used to publish certainkinds of content, so your existing audience expects to come across only aparticular type of content and solutions.

For example, if you are running health andfitness blogs and selling products of digital marketing tools and SaaSplatforms, then you would get almost zero engagement from your audience.

Because your current audience would be moreinterested in health and fitness topics, so they would expect productsuggestions like gym equipment, protein supplements, and so on. 

They have no interest in digital marketingproducts whatsoever, and therefore they would not click on your affiliatelinks.

Create an Engaging Website

A website is the foundation of your affiliatemarketing journey because you will need a dedicated internet resource where youcan entertain users and publish the relevant content to encourage them topurchase products that you want to sell.

Make sure your website is responsive so that youcan also entertain smartphone users. A website can have unlimited pages tonourish your audience and leverage sales funnel through content marketing.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing India: Best Guides and Programs 4

A website can allow you to create a dynamiclayout of your web pages so that the right audience can be targeted efficientlyand get converted into returning buyers. 

Down the line, this website would work as aunique resource of a particular niche. So, users would always visit yourwebsite whenever they wish to find out something about a specific topic of theniche.

Create Content that Sells

Content is the essential element that couldskyrocket your affiliate marketing sales.

Even though your website is attractive, yourniche is profitable, and you have cost-effective products. Still, if you don’thave the right content, then you would not be able to ensure incremental growththrough your affiliate marketing sales.

Content is the only thing that would separateyour website from other competitors. 

How to Start Affiliate Marketing India: Best Guides and Programs 5

Your content will help you shape brand image andreputation in the industry because the type of content that you share on theonline mediums will able to attract certain kinds of user base belong tocertain types of demographics.

You need to create a framework that will help youcreate content for the audience. You can also choose content formats that yourprospects prefer.

I would also recommend you to leverage the powerof content repurpose and make sure you can generate more content without mucheffort.

Content repurposing is a method to utilizeexisting content and upgrade it as per the current market trend. Convertingthem into different formats is also a part of content repurposing. 

If you have a blog post that able to gather a fewhundred shares on social media, you can create a YouTube video from it andshare the same video on TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Focus on Persuasive Copywriting

The art of writing is the most powerful yetundermined way to keep generating money consistently. Make sure that you areworking on improving your writing skills and evaluating your copies to makethem resonate with your targeted customer.

Copywriting does not imply to writing socialmedia captions or social media ad copies. Copywriting is a lot bigger thanthat.

It goes everywhere, including email, articles, websites, social media, etc.; when sales and marketing are included.

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So, if you are promoting your affiliate productthrough a blog post, article, sales page or in a comment on Reddit are Quora,your copy should stand out.

Your text should engage customers while educatingthem about your products, services or solutions. Copywriting is the art of notsounding too salesy.

In India, it is hard to find reliable andtalented copywriters who can write engaging copies as native English speakersdo. However, you can still go to LinkedIn to find talent copywriters to writecopy for your affiliate products.

Develop a Robust Marketing Plan

The marketing strategy will help you broadcastyour content effectively and make it reachable to targeted customers at theright time.

Even though you have found out profitableproducts and wrote the first draft of your content, but if you cannotstrategize advertising, you cannot make money.

That’s why marketing strategy will come in place.Suppose you want to sell your affiliate products on Black Friday or CyberMonday this year. You need to plan your online marketing activities accordinglyand start putting out posts about the upcoming sale.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing India: Best Guides and Programs 7

This way, you can nurture your targeted customersand pursue them to become lifelong consumers of your products.

In this case, to sell maximum sales on CyberMonday or Black Friday, you cannot just publish a dedicated social media post acouple of days back of the event and boost it using social media marketing.

I would recommend leveraging influencer marketingor email marketing to make people aware of your upcoming offer on these bigdays.

You can also run a series of social media poststo make them aware of the sale.

So, in a nutshell, a marketing strategy can helpyou create dynamic content to nurture your prospects who would be yourreturning customers.

Promote + Analyze + Optimize = Success

Remember that affiliate marketing is a journey,and you cannot expect millions of dollars of earning from your firstcampaign. 

It is a gradual process, and after everycampaign, you will learn some valuable learnings that can help you level upyour skills and understanding about the whole affiliate marketing game.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing India: Best Guides and Programs 8

So, once you research your niche, products, copy,start your affiliate marketing campaign and observe users’ engagement.

If you have signed up for specific affiliatemarketing networks, then you can track all the activities of users. This wouldhelp you evaluate how your copies and content are performing.

This way, you can determine their effectivenessor create different versions of it to run the A/B test for advanced analysis.

In my experience, when marketers promoteniche-specific products that they are passionate about, marketers develop anattachment to those products. So, even if they are not getting profits andsales, they still invest their time and effort into them.

I am not saying that you don’t run a campaign that is not performing. But if some products are not working at all, then you need to shift your attention and be creatively mindful and to invest your resources into other products without getting attached to anyone of them.

What Are The Best Affiliate Programs

We understand that finding a reliable affiliatemarketing programs is extremely hard as there are too many options to choosefrom.

Therefore, we have compiled the best affiliatemarketing programs that you can try right now. 

#1. Amazon Associates

Amazon, one of the biggest eCommerce in the world, has an affiliate program where advertisers can earn up to 12% commission per sale.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing India: Best Guides and Programs 9

It is straightforward to join the program, andyou don’t have to pay any subscription cost to the platform. Amazon allowseveryone, be it social media influencer, blogger, website developer or a localvendor to sign up to its affiliate program.

Now, Amazon is also allowing a separate programknown as Amazon Influencer Program that will enable people to monetize theirsocial media audience by promoting Amazon’s products and earn a commission.

#2. Shareasale

It is one of the renowned affiliate programs that allow advertisers to find out profitable products and opportunities to make money from affiliate marketing.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing India: Best Guides and Programs 10

They have been allowing people to share a salefor the past 19 years. Global affiliate network Awin purchased ShareASale toscale it for more international opportunities to domestic advertisers andpublishers in January 2019.

#3. ClickBank

ClickBank provides an opportunity for advertisersto sell products based on the lifestyle industry. 

They have thousands of products that could allow a blogger, YouTuber or social media influencer of any niche to sell and make money.

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ClickBank is a U.S-based company that is startedin a garage in 1998 and has now become a leading online retailer providing anopportunity and platform to affiliate marketers to make millions of dollarsonline.

Today, ClickBank has been improving the lives ofmore than 200 Million customers generating sales over $3 billion.

#4. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate achieves around $15B+ in revenue through affiliate marketing. It is one of the most reliable affiliate marketing programs for not only beginners but experienced online marketers too.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing India: Best Guides and Programs 12

They have lucrative offers and products thatcould give your business stability while achieving maximum scalability.

CJ affiliate was also found in the year 1998 inCalifornia. With 20 years of experience in affiliate marketing, this program isa must-try.

#5. vCommission

vCommission is a renowned name in vertical ofaffiliate marketing India.

It is the only Indian affiliate program that provides a straight 30% commission per sale on all the products.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing India: Best Guides and Programs 13

They have grown to serve more than 18,000affiliates and collaborate with well-known Indian brands that want to improvetheir online sales.

With 10 years of experience in the industry,vCommission will give you professional and reliable support for your affiliatemarketing needs. 

To register an account on this platform, you justneed to fill out a form and provide your business details.


I’m sure that after reading this article, youmust have got a clear idea of how to do Affiliate marketing in India.

Please let me know what your thoughts on thetopics discussed in this article are. Feel free to share your views in thecomments below.